Should I buy some Chronic Catnip strictly as an investment?

Can you buy pure catnip because I think this toy is only cat nip smelly and he loved it..
Sheri began by growing all her own catnip in local fields but due to demand for Dr. Pussums Fancy Feline Elixir we now buy from other growers.

This page gives instructions on how to buy catnip seeds from David's Garden Seeds.
“My cats love me, but they would love me SO much more if I were covered in catnip oil! Also, I wonder what would happen if one were in the woods and a bobcat or cougar came along. Would catnip oil disarm their bad intentions? By the way, I think you can buy this oil at pet supply stores.” you can buy catnip in a spray bottle to spray certain things if you want:)the plan… pawn camera… buy catnip…Click on this if the toy you want to buy is for a cat.
Yes it true! Cats love Catnip! There was a time I did not believe it myself, and thought it was just a fictional joke in cartoons. They love to nip the leaves. They love to roll in it. They sometimes will take a nap in a bed of it. They just plain love it. And, you will too. A member of the Mint family, Catnip is a strong smelling, aromatic herb. It has clusters of white or purplish-blue flowers atop toothy, heart shaped leaves. There is also an uncommon yellow variety. The leaves have a lemon-mint flavor and scent. It is fun to grow for your kitties, and as an herbal tea for you. Catnip is a perennial, and grows two to three feet. It is native to North America. In addition to cats, bees are also fond of Catnip. Propagation: Grow Catnip plants from seed. Sow Catnip seeds into your garden in the spring. Space seedlings or thin plants to 20" apart. When growing catnip, allow for plenty of space. It will overcrowd nearby plants in your herb garden, if allowed. How to Grow Catnip Plants: Catnip plants are easy to grow. They thrive in sun or partial shade. Grow these plants in average, well drained soil. They grow well with little attention, and withstand crowding. Fertilizer is not usually required, except in the poorest of soils. In average soil, fertilizer is not needed. After the plants have grown a few inches, pinch back the shoots to promote bushy growth. It will first bloom in mid summer. After harvest, trim back the plants again. With luck, you will get three harvests in a growing season. Catnip are aggressive growers, crowding out other plants if given the chance. Give them plenty of space away from other plants in your garden. Or, better still, surround the plants, with deep border edging. Harvest leaves as the flowers begin to bloom. Cut off the top leaves, stems and flowers. They can be used fresh, dried or frozen. Spread leaves out to dry in a cool and ventilated area. Main Uses: The most popular use of Catnip is for cats. Rubbing oil on your cats' toys will drive them wild. With a lemony mint flavor, Catnip is also used cooking and especially in herbal teas. Medicinal Uses: Catnip herbal tea is often used in treating colds and cold symptoms. Related Topics: - Buy Catnip seeds and all of your favorite herb seeds. - more on growing all of your favorite herbs. - 500 varieties of garden and herb seeds. Better quality, discount prices. Attractive, long lasting and affordable. The initial quality of the catnip is just as important as its age. If you start out with an inferior strain, the end product will be weak. Just like other plants, growing conditions such as soil, climate and nutrition affect the health of the herb. If you find very cheap catnip, it’s probably too good to be true. Unless you can smell the catnip yourself before buying, stick with reputable brands with a long track record for quality.Catnip can be used in either the fresh or dried leaf form or in a liquid spray. There isn’t much difference in potency between the three. The best catnip to buy depends on how you want to use it.The two keys for catnip toy selection are freshness and density of catnip filling. Buy your toys at a store with high turnover or order them from a website. Choose items stuffed completely with the herb rather than with