Donation Jar For Cat Rescue Agency Stolen From Burlington Restaurant

BCAA Cats is a 501(c)3 non-profit cat rescue organization based in Burlington County
Our mission is to make our shelter animals happier and give them a better chance at adoption. Since we are an all-volunteer group, we can't do that without dedicated volunteers! We need you! There are many ways you can help the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter, including walking dogs, playing with cats, grooming the animals, posting pictures and bios of the animals online, fundraising, planning events, and, of course, donating money.
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BCAA Cats is a 501(c)3 non-profit cat rescue organization based in Burlington County. They operate out of volunteer foster homes, and they have cats and kittens for adoption in partnering pet stores in the area. NCWL Cat Rescue - These cats are at the Burlington..(ELM) Cat Rescue Burlington, ON Animal Rescue & Animal Shelters; Exotic Cat RescueSparkle Cat Rescue Adoption Fair - Pet Supermarket Burlington
Trenton Cats Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit cat rescue operating out of Trenton, NJ. AdoptAKitty is a group of affiliated volunteers and foster homes that operate in Burlington County under the umbrella of Trenton Cats Rescue.Sparkle Cat Rescue is a nonprofit, volunteer feline rescue group out of Burlington that is dedicated to saving cats through a foster and adoption program and assisting with trap, neuter and release.In October I started volunteering at the Burlington County Animal Shelter in Westampton with my friend Andrea. When she first started talking to me about it, I was nervous. I wasn't sure if I would like what I might see. See, I get attached pretty easy so, to hear of one getting put down would crush my heart. After talking to Andrea she explained it in a very different way. Andrea told me to look at as we were making their lives happier even if they were only there for a short time. So, I thought about it and she was right. I thought to myself I could do this. I am going to make their stay at the shelter as happy as it could be. So, we went in took our dog and cat classes and we were off. Now again mind you, when I do something I don't do it half way, I have to go full throttle in everything I set my mind too. As we filled out our volunteer applications, not only did I sign up for helping but I decided to put fostering down. I thought I can do this, why not. Before I signed up for that, I had to go talk to my husband and tell him what I've done (ha). Now this was not a good subject for me since I was told by my husband I was not allowed to go to pet stores again. Reason being, I thought I could just bring anything home with me. We already have a household of two dogs, three cats and a rabbit. Basically a zoo in the making. I got home that night and figured ah, no need to say anything until it happens, right? Right! That was my way of thinking (ha). Oh also in this process I filled out an application for Burlington County Animal Alliance for fostering. I told you I have to "go full speed" when I do things.The Burlington County Animal Shelter has many cats who are difficult to place in traditional homes, ranging from feral (wild) cats who can never live indoors, to independent-minded, friendly cats who strongly prefer to live on their own terms and would be deeply unhappy if they were forced to live indoors. Barn cats make for great poison-free rodent and pest control! The presence of healthy, fixed cats can also help keep unfixed, unhealthy cats away from your property.We are always in need of good Foster Homes for the many dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that our Rescue takes in. Fostering involves caring for an animal until it is ready for adoption. All medical care for your foster is paid for by the Burlington County Animal Alliance. All we are asking from the Foster Homes is to provide food, litter, and lots of love! Please email if you would like more information on joining our foster team and/or fill out our on-line Fostering Application. If you can not foster but would still like to become a Volunteer with our Rescue, you can also fill out our Application. A donation jar for Sparkle Cat Rescue was taken right off the counter at the La Cocina restaurant at Holly Hill Mall in Burlington last Wednesday.