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I have been feeding my 5-year-old cat Blue Buffalo adult formula for about a year. About a month ago, my cat began licking his hindquarters extensively and dribbling urine around the house (which had never occurred previously). I took him to the vet and he was given pain medication and antibiotics for a bladder infection. He still had crystals in his urine after two weeks of medication so he was prescribed another two weeks of antibiotics and food for dissolution. Three days after the second round of antibiotics was finished, he became lethargic and was not using his litter box. I took him back to the vet and his bladder was completely blocked. He has to remain at the vet to have a catheter in for the next few days. My vet said they have been seeing this sort of issue recently in cats eating Blue Buffalo.
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I've been feeding my cat Blue Buffalo Adult Indoor Hairball Control for three years. She is an older cat and I recently discovered that one of her kidneys is enlarged. I have no idea whether Blue Buffalo had anything to do with this or not. I'm writing because I've read other reviews and am now questioning the wisdom of feeding B.B. The ingredients look great and she really likes the food. But she's having trouble urinating... It doesn't look good. BLUE Buffalo Cat Food Reviews - CatFoodDBBlue Buffalo Cat Food: Reviews and Ratings - Raising Happy KittensWill you ever review Blue Buffalos Wilderness dry cat food?
Overall, Blue Buffalo Cat Food is an excellent choice, offering high-quality formulations. You will find Blue cat food to have some of the best cat food reviews compared to other brands.We didn't realize, we'd accidentally switched from our regular Blue Buffalo cat food to the company's indoor cat formula. Suddenly, our three year old cat started acting funny. He was short tempered for a few weeks, but nothing totally out of character. We began to suspect he had urinary crystals and went to town to purchase new food. Shortly after we came home, we realized he was completely blocked, panting, yowling in pain. I wish I'd checked the reviews before. They aren't good. They're known liars and what's in the label isn't what's in the bag. He was so young and seemed perfectly healthy and very strong, not overweight. There was no loss or change of appetite, no movement or posture changes, no trouble with the stairs or jumping up into my bed. He just kept going in the box on Sunday, and he clearly couldn't go. Now, he's gone.My little Maxwell, well he is 15 pounds of love, had such a hard time enjoying his food. I even went to the vet to get him a bag of food they recommended. I then decided to get a bag of Blue Buffalo for cats and he LOVES his food. I literally have to get him to slow down and he runs to the bowl when I fill it for him. I have read the reviews and do not understand where all this is coming from UNTIL I read a competitor is suing them; now it makes sense... When you start reading the reviews they all sound the same... Will I stop buying Maxwell his food? No way and I'm sure he would drive himself, if he could, just to pick up a bag.I am not a review writer. That being said I change to Blue Buffalo thinking it would be healthy for my cat. Within 2 weeks my very healthy cat that in 6 years has had only one ear infection for any kind of illness started throwing up and not eating, drinking or going to the bathroom. They have ran every single test on her and have done x-rays to make sure there's no blockages. There is nothing wrong with this cat except like my vet said most likely the food that I switched her to. Please, please, please it hasn't even been 2 weeks and this is what happened to my cat. I couldn't even imagine if she was on it for a prolonged period! I don't understand how they are still selling the crap except money can do a lot of things. I truly believe this food is killing family pets.I've seen a lot of really bad reviews claiming Blue Buffalo food made their animals sick. I find it funny that most of these bad reviews popped up after Purina started a lawsuit against them. I've been feed my cat Blue Buffalo brand food for since I got him at 4 months old. He's now 3 years old, still eating BB Indoor formula and perfectly healthy. I also feed my 7 month old corgi and 1 month old kitten rescue Blue Buffalo puppy and kitten brand food respectively. Neither of them have fallen ill at all either. In fact the kitten is more healthy than when I got her.I contacted Blue Buffalo, identified the food and on the remaining unopened can, the numbers for QC, and requested a return call. There are still cans of this food at the Petco at Festival at Riva store in Annapolis, MD. I have called twice, without hearing from them. I am now quite sure, after reviewing this with my vet, that the batch is defective and has caused my cats to be severely ill. They are now beginning to recover, but four days of vomiting and diarrhea have taken a toll, especially on my cat who has Polycythemia and needs constant blood work to live. I don't want this to happen to anyone else, and Blue Buffalo has got to do respond and take appropriate action to remove this batch from being bought.