Now you can brush your cat’s teeth

I feel like there are more types of brush for cats than for humans. Some of the most common are:
OK, I’ll admit it: I keep fluctuating between being intrigued and slightly unsettled. But, throwing it out there, if I just happened to wind up with a LICKI brush in a white-elephant gift exchange or on an upcoming birthday… ahem (Mom, I know you’re reading this) … part of me would be excited as hell to try it out on my boys (they’re cats, of course).
The most common way to control shedding is by grooming your cat once per day with a slicker brush.

Before you start brushing your cat’s teeth, have them checked by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may recommend a to remove any existing plaque and tartar, which contribute to periodontal disease. If your cat has severe dental disease, extraction of the affected teeth may be recommended. Follow your veterinarian’s recommendation on how long to wait after or extraction before brushing your cat’s teeth. When , go slow and pay attention to how easily the brush is going through your cat’s fur.For a demonstration of how to brush a cat's teeth, visit the .“For cats who enjoy being brushed, it’s a bonding experience,” Dale said.
You’ll always find some hair on the comb, but this being a more dense product it will gather a lot of hair every time you brush your cat. Just do it every once in a while to control the cat shedding and prevent hair loss.My cats usually keep a clean coat so I don’t have to clean much before brushing. Bear in mind the brush is very dense so make sure there are no obstacles in the hair that might get stuck. I don’t bathe my cats but if you do, it’s best if you comb a washed and dried coat.The cats love it, one of them starts playing with it whenever I try to brush the belly, but doesn’t run away. As long as you don’t spend too much time brushing the key areas of your cat’s body, she shouldn’t protest.Do you have a cat that hates to be brushed? Does he run away at the very sight of a grooming tool or swat at the offending object if you even try to approach? It’s not uncommon to have a cat that hates to be brushed. However, if your cat goes outside, or has a longer coat, then you will need to groom him at some point in his life to free his hair of dirt, debris and possible matts.The as-yet-unreleased Licki Brush is apparently a tongue-shaped brush which allows you to use your mouth to groom your cat. In other words, you will look like you are licking your cat (which is, of course, the customary feline cleaning method). I buy a lot of . This is honestly one of the best, if not, The Best cat brush I’ve ever used. The amount of fur that comes out by using this thing is ridiculous.Before you throw your hands up in the air with a huge groan of despair, we’ve collected some hints and tricks on how to brush a cat that hates it.Since it's the CATober 1st, universal birthday for all adopted cats, I decided to stop by PetSmart to grab something cool for my furry babies. I got some food and a new grooming brush called the KONG Zoom Groom multi-use Brush ($7.49).