If your cat has long hair, you will need to brush every day:

If you have a short haired cat make sure to check out our short haired cat brush out video:
A cat brush is essential to the health of your pet, as keeping the hair healthy can keep a cat healthy. Remove the hairballs and tangles regularly, and your pet will stay stress-free and you will also have your house looking cleaner as well. Use our recommendations and choose the right product for your pet, and both your and your pet will start off the day looking better and feeling better as well!
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Always brush with the coat, moving the brush or comb in the direction the hair grows. If you back brush your cat, the grooming session will probably be over and you’ll be lucky if the only thing she does is meow in disgust and stalk away. Since there really isn’t any reason to back brush her coat, that’s okay. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it. Best Brushes for Long Hair Cats | Meow LifestyleNew Lovely Pet Rubber Dog Cat Hair Brushes Comfortable Bath Brush Cat Grooming Clean ToolBest Brushes for Long Hair Cats | Meow Lifestyle
Keeping your pet well groomed is by far the most important step you can take in controlling the hair in your home. Regular bathing, brushing and combing will remove old hair, mats and dander. People often think that short-haired pets don’t shed. They do! They just shed shorter hair. Brushing is just as important for these cats. A brush, comb, mat remover or grooming glove used for a few minutes every day will help collect dead hair that you can throw away instead of finding it all over the house. Removing loose hair also reduces the incidence of hairballs.A nifty device called a can help groom your cat. It is a comb that attaches to the corner of a wall that your cat can rub against. Spraying the comb with a little catnip spray often gets the pets attention. The soft tipped teeth remove hair as the cat rubs against it. If your pet is still shedding excessively, your groomer can help. Clipping the coat to a shorter more manageable length makes daily maintenance easier. Also, there are treatments available where special baths, brushing, and drying methods remove excess hair and last for several weeks.However, what this handy brush will do is collect all of the remaining cat hair, which is stuck to your flooring, your carpets and your furniture.No one wants to sit on furniture covered with cat hair. The first step in decreasing the amount left is to discourage your pet from getting on the furniture. If you have a kitten or cat that is new to your household, this is a good time to set these rules. Give your pets comfortable beds or pet furniture and a specific place to lie. If your pet has already adopted a couch or chair as his favorite spot, try treating it with a fabric protector. This often helps make it easier to vacuum hair from the surface and keep it from working its way into the fabric. Vacuuming upholstered furniture is the gold standard for most hair removal. Use special brush attachments for wood furniture. A magnetized dust wand helps pick up and hold hair. Running an air filter also helps remove pet hair and other contaminates. If all else fails, try using slipcovers or other decorative fabric to protect your furniture. The advantage here is that the covers can be removed and washed on a regular basis to keep them clean. Do not wash these items with your regular wash – your clothes will pick up the pet hair. Dry with two dryer sheets to help move the hair to the lint trap.Why is Fuller’s brush ideal for cleaning cat hair? The electrostatic finish of this particular product is made specifically for hair. It will collect all of that fur and you can even combine it with a microfiber cloth for better coverage.You’ll always find some hair on the comb, but this being a more dense product it will gather a lot of hair every time you brush your cat. Just do it every once in a while to control the cat shedding and prevent hair loss.