Once the cat is back to normal, the Breeze system should work great.

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System - something to try in my new one-floor apartment?
The Breeze Litter System, Refill Pads, and Refill Pellets are the best litter system I've ever used, hands down. I've been using it for six years, ever since I brought my cat home from the humane association. He adjusted to it at once. I hardly ever find a pellet tracked into the house (from the mud room), and when I do, he is usually playing with it. I hate cleaning the litter box, and usually only scoop the feces once a week. This has not been a problem. Also, to stretch my dollars, I only change the pad every two weeks. (This might not be possible with your cat, depending on how much s/he urinates.) There has very rarely been any odor coming from the litter box.

When I first started using the litter system, I put the pad in wrong a couple times (it got scrunched up), and there was urine in the bottom of the pan, which was a mess to clean up. This hasn't happened in years, and it should never happen to you if you are careful about placing the pad correctly. The pellets last a long time, but I replace them when they become discolored. After using the litter system for five years, I replaced it with a new one, but I probably didn't have to. I just wanted to for my cat.

I would never willingly go back to using clump litter, which my previous cat tracked all over the house. The Breeze system is the best!
Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System $29.99Use Final Price: $19.99
The Breeze system does suggest that you help your cat adjust by first adding a few pellets to her regular box, then mixing them half and half with litter in her regular box, then introducing the new Breeze box – next to her old box, which you CEASE cleaning out (so she’ll prefer the new clean Breeze box), and then eventually removing the old box altogether. Smart Cat Box - cheaper to use than the Breeze systemTidy Cats Breeze Litter System Coupon 23 67 AtTidy Cats Cat Litter Breeze System Pellet Refills
I have two Breeze litter systems for my three cats. They have been great especially with eliminating odor and keeping the litter to last longer.The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System gives you an all-in-one solution, providing with you with a litter box, a scoop, cat litter, and urine pads for your beloved feline friend.The Tidy Cats Breeze litter system is designed to separate whatever droppings a cat may produce through two levels. Non-solids released from cats drain through the pellets and end up on the dry pad below with solids staying above for easy removal. The Purina Tidy Cat Breeze litter system is designed to help mask litter box odors and make cleaning up a simple task.Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System is a simple, no-fuss, and truly effective product that makes your cat comfortable and your life convenient.This couple has a system for taking care of the cat. She feeds him and he cleans out the litter box. It used to be a smelly job before they discovered the Breeze Litter System from Tidy Cats.

UPDATE: This box ultimately did not work out for me and was returned to PetCo.

I never actually intended to try this cat litter box system. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. First we are asking the cats to use a litter that is unnatural; second, we are leaving fresh and old urine open to the atmosphere for days at a time, which can cause odor in the house. However, I have one, possibly two cats who sometimes pee near the litter boxes (Sequoia is my prime perp). I've discovered that she will use empty boxes with a paper towel in the bottom. I thought the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System might be an interesting experiment. No one would use it without the pellets. However, the minute I put the pellets in it, it has been used a couple of times... for pee only (I'm hoping that's all they'll use it for). SO, this is really an experiment in providing an alternative for a cat or cats who have an inappropriate elimination issue.The Tidy Cats Breeze system is totally different than anything out there for cat litter. It’s based on the premise that the really yucky part about cleaning out your cat’s box is the pee. This is most definitely true, in my experience. Even with clumping, odor-free litter, it’s still a huge pain.The new "Breeze" system by Tidy Cats really can work! Over the summer, we acquired 3 new kittens - So we now have 6 cats! Before you start thinking I'm some kind of crazy cat lady...let me assure you we are DONE - There will be no further additions to our CAT family! : )