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Final Price = $23.67! The listing,  has ended. Coupon good for one Breeze brand from Purina Tidy Cats brand Litter System! Up to a $50.00 value!!We have a new  available to print. The coupon is good for $10.00 off the Tidy Cat Breeze Litter System.You can go on the Tidy Cat Breeze web site and print coupons for I think $7 off the Tidy Cat Breeze Litter System.
If you need to purchase a cat litter system for your furry friend then you’ll be happy to know that I found a Breeze Litter System printable coupon for $10 off! Check out this Breeze Cat Litter system video to show you how the system works to keep your house cleaner and fresher smelling too!I had to call them 3 times to finally get the coupon for the Breeze System. they kept sending me coupons for $2 off any one litter pellets refill or cat pads refill.I am a fan of the Breeze Litter System and recommend to everyone I know with cats. Other kitty litter, I noticed odor getting trapped even with cleaning boxes daily (yes, I have 2 kittens) but OMG the expense of keeping it up. Yes it’s worth it but…Anyone out there see coupons for the products associated with this system? I’ve only seen for the system itself not the pellets or pads. I will continue to use and highly recommend this to anyone with a cat, if I have to fore go other luxuries I will to maintain this system for my girls.
Coupons would be appreciated.They’ve added a new printable Tidy Cats coupons off their brand Breeze Litter System. This deal is for $10 off your purchase of this item for your cat. Step up to a new litter system, and make things more easier for you.Maintaining a pet may not always be an easy task. While some have all the time on the planet to look after their beloved pets, others find the task of routine walks, litter among others a hassle. The beauty of invention is seen as helping mankind carry on day to day activities. Thankfully, for these pet owners – cat owners in specific, Tidy Cats has brought into the market one wonderful product that will ease the burden of cleaning cat litter! It makes cleaning routine an easy affair. The Breeze system consists of a main litter box, litter pellets and cat pads.
The functioning of the product is simple thereby not posing much of a learning curve for the consumer. Just follow instructions, and you are set! The concept lies on making the cat familiar with the breeze litter pellets initially. Once the cat has adjusted to these pellets, introduce the cat to the box. The box also has a removable side wall to ensure those cats which fear such hurdles are at ease! There are plenty advantages to the product. If you want one today, fret not! There is a discount of $7 on the Breeze system up for grabs!There’s a new printable available! This is the Breeze Brand from Purina Tidy Cats Litter System. The coupon says available at PetSmart on it, but you can use it anywhere however right now the best deal is at Petsmart!This is a great system if your cat will use it and it’s very low odor as far as pee. My cat was very finicky and I ended up needing two boxes (one with old fashioned litter) because the cat refused to poo in the breeze box. I think I probably could have done better with the transition (it comes with a very detailed booklet on how to switch your cat to their box by combining old and new litter for a while).