Good2Go Blue Link Breakaway Cat Collars, For Necks 8"-12"

Any recommendations for a different brand of breakaway collar that can handle a spaz cat?
Other breakaway collars feature a short length of elastic fabric woven into the collar that expands when you tug it. This kind of collar will also release your cat if they get caught on an object. The weight of their body, or pressure applied to the collar by tugging, stretches the elastic and lets them escape. You can find breakaway collars at most pet supply stores or online for about the same price as a regular collar.
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Provide your cat with superior pest prevention with the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats. Seresto flea collars for cats can eliminate existing infestations of fleas and ticks and also prevent future outbreaks for up to 8 months. Cats are sure to stay safe with this collar because, as a breakaway flea and tick collar for cats, it will release from the cat if it gets caught or stuck on something. Fleas and ticks are parasites that can cause all sorts of unpleasantness for cats and pet parents. These kinds of pests can carry and spread harmful diseases, injure pets they infest and leave open wounds vulnerable to secondary infections. The safest way to protect your pet is to eliminate existing parasites and prevent future outbreaks. Seresto flea collars for cats can help. The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats provides safe, controlled releases of active ingredients that can eliminate existing fleas and ticks within days and prevent re-infestation. Using flea collars for cats to prevent pests radically reduces the chances of your pet contracting a pest-carried disease. The unique design allows for a sustained, low-dose release of pest-repelling ingredients that maintains a protective shield around your cat for up to 8 months with proper use. The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats is adjustable and safe for your pet. The size of the collar adjusts to fit your pet whether you have a 10-week-old kitten or an adult cat. For your pet’s safety, this Seresto collar is also designed as a breakaway flea and tick collar for cats. If your cat becomes trapped because of the collar, the breakaway flea and tick collar for cats will release. That way, your pet will be able to get away from a sticky situation. Three visibility reflectors also help your cat stay visible for added safety. STAR WARS Chewbacca Bandolier Break-Away Cat Collar, For Necks 8"-12"Good2Go Black & White Houndstooth Breakaway Cat Collar, For Necks 8"-12"If you want to track the kid, then the bell is fine. I would use only a breakaway collar on any cat.
Be sure to buy a “break-away” safety collar that can easily come open if it gets caught on something. This will prevent the collar from accidentally strangling your cat.After explaining to my husband that flea collars do not work, we went shopping for a highly visible replacement collar. The veterinarian verified that flea collars only work around the neck, and when worn outside, they pose a danger that people don’t usually consider. Other cat collars can be dangerous too. My cat’s veterinarian in Albion verified what I already knew. Do outdoor cats need breakaway collars? He said they’re a must if the cat wears a collar outdoors.My husband’s cat is an indoor/outdoor kitty. We allow her to go out in the morning instead of in the evening to avoid nocturnal predators. Her morning routine seem to satiate her desire to explore and kill small rodents. Do outdoor cats need breakaway collars? I believe they do even though she’s usually home by noon. She used to wear a flea collar, not only to ward off blood-sucking egg-laying pests, but also to identify her as a pet instead of a stray or a feral animal. That was my husband’s idea. I had known for years that if a kitty wears a flea collar, fleas will remain a problem in other areas. If they were that easy to kill, topical prescription products wouldn’t be necessary or as popular as they are.My boys had been wearing the blue fish "safe cat" collars for a week. Everything seemed fine. I tested how easily those buckles opened before making them wear them, and they seemed perfect. These collars were brought to me from the US, since I haven't been able to find breakaway collars here...The first breakaway cat collar that my husband bought was fluorescent orange. It showed up well against her downy gray fur. She had it for about two weeks before returning home without it. At first my husband was upset that the collar was gone, but I reminded him of the purpose. It was the answer to my husband’s initial question. Do outdoor cats need breakaway collars? Imagine what could have happened if the collar hadn’t come off! I hate to think of how she could have suffered. We might not have even known what happened. She might not have ever returned.My husband’s cat Baby hides in three places that I know of. She naps under our shed, under the neighbor’s shed and under the back deck of the abandoned house next door. Even though we know where she goes most of the time, we’re unaware of her other hangouts. Do outdoor cats need breakaway collars? Most certainly! Unlike dogs, cats like to hide and explore tight spaces. They’re stealthy and highly curious creatures. I’m sure that countless cats have died after becoming caught by their collar.