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Get boarding services available 7 days a week for cats and dogs.
Animal Hospital of Streamwood offers boarding for cats so that you can leave your pet in total comfort at our full service Cat Nap Inn. We have been approved by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a Cat Friendly Practice since 2011. Adding the exclusive cat-only boarding service is just another way we are going above and beyond to accommodate our feline patients and their owners!
Merrifield Animal Hospital offers boarding for dogs and cats so that you can leave your pet in total comfort at our full service kennel.
Village Veterinary Clinic offers several different BOARDING options. All of them include the warmth and safety of being indoors in a climate controlled full service veterinary facility. Each dog is taken to an outdoor exercise area at least four times a day for their doses of outside time for play and stretching at no extra charge. Cats can enjoy watching the activity of the lobby or napping in the sun in one of our cat condos. We offer boarding for pocket pets including hamsters, bunnies and many others. The Clinic is fully staffed Monday through Saturday and the boarding staff is here for our boarders on Sundays and during the Holiday Season. Springbrook Animal Care Center offers deluxe boarding services for dogs, cats and exotic petsAnimal Hospital of Streamwood offers safe & comfy boarding for cats at our full service Cat Nap InnMilford Veterinary Hospital offers full service boarding for both dogs and cats
And, Ruby & Jack’s is just the place. Why leave your precious pussycat home alone when you have to go away? Ruby & Jack’s loves cats as much as cats love catnip. Feline family members will be safe and well cared for through our Cat Boarding service, whether you have to be away for just one night or an extended period of time.*Fees do not include additional services such as de-matting, shaving or flea treatment. All cats are checked for fleas before admission into the boarding room.At Suite Paws, we make every pet feel like a VIP guest. Because Suite Paws loves what we do, we’ve created a clean, fun and safe environment for your pets at our . Our range of pet services includes overnight pet boarding for cats and dogs, doggie daycare, grooming and more, with customizable options to meet every animal’s needs — take a to see for yourself or for your pet today!If you supply medication, it will be administered to your pet as directed. Please bring the current diet your cat eats and any treats you wish to be given. If no diet is provided they will receive an age or condition-appropriate Royal Canin canned and dry food. Other services can be performed during your cat's boarding such as dental cleaning, grooming, and annual physical exams with vaccination updates. Please discuss special services with the staff at time of arrival. There is never a charge for individual care such as belly rubbing, ear scratching, or loving attention around the clock!Owners who are in need of capable hands may also entrust their pets to professional dog-boarding kennels. More than 30 million pet owners recognize the knowledge and experience boarding facilities provide for pets. Before you drop off your pet at the nearest kennel, ask around; your vet may have someone tried-and-tested in mind. Contact more than one professional about which kennels are the best. In the United States alone, there are over 8,500 dog-friendly boarding kennels for you to choose from. These kennels are operated so that pets have a safe and secure place to call their home away from home while their owners are away. Different from breeding kennels, which are primarily for producing puppies, the task of housing dogs is sometimes accompanied by other services, such as dog training and even pampering services such as massages. However, not all boarding services are dog-centered. They may house other animals such as birds, cats and snakes as well.Throughout the United States and Canada, there are approximately 9,000 boarding kennels offering their services to more than 30,000,000 pet owners annually. Boarding kennels are businesses designed and operated specifically to care for pets, as distinguished from breeding kennels, which are devoted to producing puppies; training kennels, which take in dogs for hunting, protection, and other types of specialized training; and veterinary hospitals, which are designed to care for sick and injured animals. Most boarding kennels provide a variety of pet services, such as boarding, grooming, training classes, pet supply sales, and pet shipping. Although the vast majority of boarded pets are dogs and cats, many kennels also offer boarding for horses, birds, reptiles, and exotic pets.