Camp Kitty is metro Atlanta's premier cats-only boarding facility

  City Cat Clinic & Condos has 25 private, luxurious condominiums for your cat's boarding needs.
Located in the Asheville area, Cats Cradle's mission is to provide safe, clean, secure, cozy, dependable boarding for cats only in their own rooms. Each cat has its own 4X6X10' private room with a window, not a cage or small enclosure. Special kitties can get medications, extra meals, more cuddling or reassurance or playtime, to ensure your peace of mind and to keep your cat healthy and content. We also have reasonably priced pick up and delivery service for your convenience.
Most veterinarians will not recommend boarding cats in a cageless environment.
All cats must be flea free and disease free (see Upper Respiratory Infection below). If live fleas or flea dirt are found, your cat will be groomed and de-fleaed before entering the boarding facility. If you suspect that your cat(s) has fleas before bringing them in, please call us prior to your boarding reservation to let us know. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Boarding Policies and Procedures prior to your cat’s stay with us.Our health requirements for boarding cats reflect our commitment to the highest standards of safety for each of our feline guests.
At Evergreen Cat Lodge, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that your feline companions receive the very best care available. That starts with our all-suites accommodations. We've heard all of the rationalizations about why it's OK to board cats in cages or cat condos (which are really just multi-level cages). We don't agree! "Cats don't need a lot of space since they exercise isometrically". "Cats like small spaces". "Cats just want to go off to a corner and be left alone". Nonsense! Cats need room to be happy and cats don't like change - it's stressful. Cages, even cat condos, don't give cats enough room and they sure represent a stressful change from what they're used to at home. Let's look at these two issues - room and stress - in more detail.Some cats like small spaces some times. No doubt. However, when we see one of our cats sprawled out on the bed, four paws to the sky, we know we've got one contented cat! The truth is cats like room. It's the cat who's afraid that seeks a small, dark hiding place. Cats shouldn't be afraid while being boarded, but if kept in a cage stacked along side of other cats who are strangers to them, they often are. In this situation, they will likely find the smallest, darkest hiding place - but that doesn't mean that they like it! Cats are curious and need an environment that is stimulating. They need room to play, vertical space to jump, interesting sights, and a choice of movement and locale to stem boredom. And, if your cat is anything like ours, they need attention. We're not talking about a chin scratch from a finger poked through a cage. We mean sitting in a chair in the cat suite and letting the cat jump on up for pets and a little lap time.In addition to our progressive feline medical services and a tantalizing store for cats, we also offer spacious townhouse-style boarding. With a selection of nature videos, private suites, and plenty of TLC your cat may never want to leave! Our dedicated staff will make your cats feel at home, and you’ll rest easy knowing our
veterinarians are just a step away if problems arise.Cats enjoy the "protected" feeling they get from being placed in a condo unit while being boarded. Your cat will probably want to sit in the corner of his unit and stare, until he feels comfortable in the new environment. Human contact does not necessarily accelerate this period of acclimatizing. It has to take place at the cat's own speed. A common reaction of cat owners to the idea of boarding is "kitty loves to run around." Perhaps he does at home, but while he is in unfamiliar surroundings, his condo gives him a feeling of safety. Cats exercise isometrically. This means that when a cat has enough room to stretch, he can exercise every muscle in his body. When your cat is in strange surroundings, around strange cats, he will prefer safety to space.