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I have used Blue Buffalo for years with my previous dog. I adopted a kitten and a puppy last year and both of them were on Blue. At the end of last year, my puppy got a UTI and it took 2 rounds of anti-biotics to get it cleared up. Then my cat, that had just turned a year old, got a very serious UTI with struvite crystals in January. I am still in the process of trying to get it cleared up. The day he went in and I got the diagnosis, I switched the brand of food my dog was on. I believe the food had something to do with it in both cases and know someone else through a friend that had the same problem with their animals. The fact that both animals got this on Blue was too much coincidence for me. Both of them seem to be feeling much better now. So just an FYI and a warning for others out there. Your animal may do fine on Blue – my mother’s dogs do – but mine did not.
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My cats love the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Salmon Recipe canned cat food. Two days out of the week I feed my cats this particular product. Both my cats love this canned salmon and gobble it up. I like that this particular brand of cat food does not contain grains and is free of fillers. The salmon canned cat food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Like the dry cat foods made by this brand, it has improved my cats fur coats and has given them a major boost or energy. This canned cat food does not upset my cats stomach and they are at a healthy stable weight.

Previously to purchasing this canned cat food, my cats didn't really care much for other canned cat foods. This brand of cat foods is their all time favorite. I now only purchase this brand for the dietary needs. Yes this brand of cat food is a bit more pricey than others but well worth the price. My cats have never looked or felt better. I highly recommend this product. Blue Buffalo Cat Food Reviews and Ratings - BestCatFoodForCatsBlue Buffalo Cat Food: Reviews and Ratings - Raising Happy KittensWill you ever review Blue Buffalos Wilderness dry cat food?
We didn't realize, we'd accidentally switched from our regular Blue Buffalo cat food to the company's indoor cat formula. Suddenly, our three year old cat started acting funny. He was short tempered for a few weeks, but nothing totally out of character. We began to suspect he had urinary crystals and went to town to purchase new food. Shortly after we came home, we realized he was completely blocked, panting, yowling in pain. I wish I'd checked the reviews before. They aren't good. They're known liars and what's in the label isn't what's in the bag. He was so young and seemed perfectly healthy and very strong, not overweight. There was no loss or change of appetite, no movement or posture changes, no trouble with the stairs or jumping up into my bed. He just kept going in the box on Sunday, and he clearly couldn't go. Now, he's gone.My little Maxwell, well he is 15 pounds of love, had such a hard time enjoying his food. I even went to the vet to get him a bag of food they recommended. I then decided to get a bag of Blue Buffalo for cats and he LOVES his food. I literally have to get him to slow down and he runs to the bowl when I fill it for him. I have read the reviews and do not understand where all this is coming from UNTIL I read a competitor is suing them; now it makes sense... When you start reading the reviews they all sound the same... Will I stop buying Maxwell his food? No way and I'm sure he would drive himself, if he could, just to pick up a bag.Overall, Blue Buffalo Cat Food is an excellent choice, offering high-quality formulations. You will find Blue cat food to have some of the best cat food reviews compared to other brands.With three out of four of my cats overweight to some degree, I came across Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free. I had reviewed Blue Buffalo's a few years ago. Although my cats ate that food, they picked out and set aside all of the small bright blue "life source bits," losing the potential value of the nutrients and anti-oxidants.