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I have used Blue Buffalo for years with my previous dog. I adopted a kitten and a puppy last year and both of them were on Blue. At the end of last year, my puppy got a UTI and it took 2 rounds of anti-biotics to get it cleared up. Then my cat, that had just turned a year old, got a very serious UTI with struvite crystals in January. I am still in the process of trying to get it cleared up. The day he went in and I got the diagnosis, I switched the brand of food my dog was on. I believe the food had something to do with it in both cases and know someone else through a friend that had the same problem with their animals. The fact that both animals got this on Blue was too much coincidence for me. Both of them seem to be feeling much better now. So just an FYI and a warning for others out there. Your animal may do fine on Blue – my mother’s dogs do – but mine did not. Blue Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Product Review - The SpruceApr 4, 2017 - Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Food: ReviewBlue Buffalo Cat Food Reviews, Ratings and Analysis - Pet Food Talk
We didn't realize, we'd accidentally switched from our regular Blue Buffalo cat food to the company's indoor cat formula. Suddenly, our three year old cat started acting funny. He was short tempered for a few weeks, but nothing totally out of character. We began to suspect he had urinary crystals and went to town to purchase new food. Shortly after we came home, we realized he was completely blocked, panting, yowling in pain. I wish I'd checked the reviews before. They aren't good. They're known liars and what's in the label isn't what's in the bag. He was so young and seemed perfectly healthy and very strong, not overweight. There was no loss or change of appetite, no movement or posture changes, no trouble with the stairs or jumping up into my bed. He just kept going in the box on Sunday, and he clearly couldn't go. Now, he's gone.I've seen a lot of really bad reviews claiming Blue Buffalo food made their animals sick. I find it funny that most of these bad reviews popped up after Purina started a lawsuit against them. I've been feed my cat Blue Buffalo brand food for since I got him at 4 months old. He's now 3 years old, still eating BB Indoor formula and perfectly healthy. I also feed my 7 month old corgi and 1 month old kitten rescue Blue Buffalo puppy and kitten brand food respectively. Neither of them have fallen ill at all either. In fact the kitten is more healthy than when I got her.Overall, Blue Buffalo Cat Food is an excellent choice, offering high-quality formulations. You will find Blue cat food to have some of the best cat food reviews compared to other brands.Wish I had read these reviews a few months ago. Due to mild digestive upset, I switched to this and it was a tragic fail. Urinary blockage, expensive Emergency Animal Clinic, multiple catheterizations and suffering on the part of our family pet. The only difference in their routines was the Blue Buffalo product the past two months. Big mistake and we almost lost him. Will never feed our male cat this food again. If it was $500 a bag, it would have been less expensive than this past weekend.