World's chillest cat bobs his head along to 'Hotline Bling'

Contains small parts – keep away from small children. Only cats can handle this much bling.
There is one certain cat in the world that is probably more mellow than anyone will ever be — and, bonus, he really enjoys Drake. In a new viral video that is making feline and Drake fans go nuts, when his owner turns on "Hotline Bling," a cat knows his jam is on, and makes the most of the listening experience by bobbing his head in solidarity and appreciation. The cat's owner could also just be scratching his head in time with the beat, but whatever, this video is pure Internet magic.

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Absolutely nothing is chiller than a cat and its human bouncing along to  "Hotline Bling."
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Have you ever thrown a respectable cocktail party at your home only to have your feline family member come out and proudly display their uncovered rear? While kitty might enjoy showing off their brown eye, we’re sure your guests don’t like to see that one eyed monster while munching on their caviar. Give your cat some class. Hang a Twinkle Tush from their tail and cover that butt in bling.A cat owner who goes by the name Mike Lavin just introduced the world to his dancing pet cat, who seems to dig Drake's "Hotline Bling," which has so far sold over a million copies worldwide. The 50-second playful video starts off with both Mike and the cat just holding still, staring at the camera, until the heavy beats start kicking in. Then, in complete unison, the two bop their heads up and down, without changing their identical expressions. The craziest part of this video is that the cat actually keeps rhythm for the whole video, even when there's a change in beat!Canadian hip hop artist Drake has millions of fans all over the world, and, according to a short video recently uploaded onto Vimeo and YouTube, one of those fans is actually a dancing cat who bops its head in perfect rhythm to Drake's single "Hotline Bling."Here’s a cat nodding its head to the beat of “Hotline Bling,” while his human buddy looks on in bemusement and nods his head right along with him.I’m pretty sure everyone kind of agreed that as the most amusing winner…until now. I give you Andrew Ciechanowski and his chill AF cat. Just watch the duo vibe in perfect unison to ‘Hotline Bling.’In the start of this 50-second video, our fabulous feline and owner Mike Lavin are seen lounging comfortably together on a bed, facing the camera with R&B artist Drake’s hit song “Hotline Bling” playing in the background. After a few moments of what seems like a staring contest, the beat picks up and Mike and cat begin bobbing their heads in perfect unison to the song.