blind cats learn how dribble scrunched paper balls or jingly toys.

Your cat doesn't have to be on a farm to enjoy these Petlinks 3 Blind Mice™ Cat Toys!
Today the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, which is located on the grounds of Miller’s farm, houses 93 cats, most of whom are blind. The rest either have FIV or feline leukemia; some are blind and FIV- or FEL-positive. The one thing they all have in common, though, is that they would have been euthanized at most traditional shelters. Instead they have the chance for a normal life and a forever home at the Blind Cat Rescue, where they live in colonies of no more than 12 (with separate areas for FIV- and FEL-positive cats) and receive all the TLC, toys, and treats they can manage from the staff and volunteers.
And don’t think that blind cats don’t play with toys! Kady’s kitty loves them!
Your cat will love these bushy tailed Petlinks 3 Blind Mice Cat Toys! Mice are brown with multi colored tails and matching ears. Made of 80% polyester, 10% cotton, 10% maribou feather. Comes with all three mice! Your cat doesn't have to be on a farm to enjoy these Petlinks 3 Blind Mice™ Cat Toys!Because sound becomes more important for a blind cat, providing toys which squeak, crinkle, ring or rattle will help your cat during play.buying toys, look for cat toys that are made specifically for blind cats.
8-month-old Oskar is a kitten born without formed eyeballs, he was born completely blind. The first day after being adopted Oskar is given balls with bells inside. He can’t see them but finds them using his ears. These toys are perfect for Oskar as he plays with them like any other cat would. Q: Is it true that a blind cat can get around as easily as a sighted cat?
A; Absolutely! Homer, for example, can find his food, water, litter, and his favorite toys and napping spots with no trouble at all. Of course, we help him out by always keeping those things in the same places (except for his toys; he seems to remember where he’s left them) and by not leaving any unnecessary clutter on the floor. Homer has learned his way around several different homes over the years. His whiskers help him figure out where walls and doorways are, and the rest he memorizes very quickly.Under normal circumstances, a blind kitten video would probably be nothing but sad, sad, sad. But this clip has a happy twist because this plucky, handicapped cat goes absolutely bonkers over his very first kitty toys. Your cat may also appreciate catnip toys, even if he or she doesn’t respond to catnip, (some cats don’t,) she will be able to find the toy by smell.

You may be tempted to carry your blind cat around the house but doing so will not help him or her memorize their surroundings. I am an owner of a blind cat and am seeking cat toys for him. I am looking for something, possibly electronic/battery operated with a constant beep or jingle, that he can find the exact location of even after it's tossed and stops moving. Does anyone have any idea where I could find such a toy? I've never seen one, so I'm not even sure they exist. Mark from HandicappedPets suggested I ask you folks on this messageboard in hopes that someone might be able to help me.Our kitten Opal is playing with a octopus wand toy we picked up today. The wand toy has provided her with lots of entertainment as we stick it around the house and let her find it. The toy has a bell, elastic rope and octopus plushie which she loves running away with only for it to spring back to where she found it.

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Opal is an adopted kitten we care for and is currently around 5 months old. She is an extremely energetic and spending the majority of the day and night playing with her toys, climbing and running around. Unfortunately due to being hit by a car and having a severe infection before adoption she is blind. In some instances she can see outlines of large objects however she runs into everything daily.

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