Electric blankets, even at low settings, can get too hot for cats.

 Very soft security blanket meant for human babies, but cats and kittens will like it too!
Cats…if they’re not shredding your couch or totally ignoring you, they are probably sucking on your blankets. This Catsifier™ should help your blanket problem…it may even minimize the couch shredding, but as for the ignoring…sorry, you’re on your own.
The Catsifier features latex
No sew blankets are so easy to make, and they keep our dogs and cats comfy and warm while they're waiting for their forever home. You can make small ones for the cats and bigger ones for the dogs! For cats, volunteers usually use the blanket to line the floor of the carrier allowing the feline to be transported in comfort.
Do you want to use your craft skills to help homeless animals? The Michigan Humane Society needs cozy fleece blankets for the cats and kittens to curl up on while they await loving homes. The following fleece blanket craft project is a great way for your family or friends to spend time together this holiday season - or any time of year - while helping animals!Cats who ingest nonfood objects like blankets suffer from a condition known as pica. If you notice this type of behavior, get your cat to the vet for a checkup because ingesting fabrics can cause an intestinal blockage and may indicate an underlying medical issue.Kneading on blankets and other surfaces is a normal, instinctive behavior for cats. Contrary to what some might believe, it is not a result of separating or weaning a kitten too early from her mother. The behavior is usually harmless, unless the kitty starts to suckle on the blanket fabric and ingest it while kneading.While cats do like to sleep on human furniture such as beds, sofas and stuffed chairs, they like it better when a cat-sized mat, blanket or even an item of your clothing is on those furniture items. Cat beds, mats and blankets add extra comfort, and warmth, depending upon what material the mat or blanket is made from, and how warm or cold it is in the house.Looking for a community service project perfect for all ages? For all animal lovers? Making No Sew Dog And Cat Fleece Blankets to benefit homeless dogs and cats in shelters until they find a forever home is a fun DIY. One does not to need to be “crafty” to participate and this is a perfect volunteer activity for all ages.A cuddle cup acts like a blanket around a cat, to help keep in body heat. Many cats love cuddle cups to nap in, particularly in the winter during the night when humans tend to turn down the heat. Cats might not use them in the warm seasons at all, as they get too hot. These are excellent for cats who usually tend to sleep curled up. Cats who tend to sleep stretched out won't care much for a cuddle cup.It is not only for comfort reasons that cats love to lie on a cat-sized fabric item on top an already comfy piece of furniture. It seems that small cat-sized blankets or mats are a special defined territory which makes cats feel more secure, especially in a multi-cat home. Cats who won't both nap on the bed or the couch at the same time sometimes will if there are separate little mats or blankets, apparently feeling that as long as the other stays on his or her own mat, the area is divided satisfactorially.There are various kinds of flat cat mats and blankets available. You can even buy a small, soft blanket meant for human infants. Cats love flannel, so a flannel pillowcase can work as a small blanket for a cat to lie on.