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It’s Halloween. There are nutcases out there looking for black cats to torment (and possibly kill).
One of the more widely-cited justifications for the implementation of more stringent adoption policies by animal shelters around Halloween is the claim that cats in general — and black cats in particular — are avidly sought by members of “satanic cults” who engage in the mutilation, torture, and killing of cats in celebrations associated or coincident with Halloween. That animal shelter policy has been influenced by a widespread belief in satanic cat-sacrificing rituals at Halloween is beyond dispute; the issue here is whether such activity is really as prevalent as the belief in it is.
Above, is one of my favorite black cats and Halloween costumes found on Pinterest!
It’s Halloween time, and black cats have always been associated with this spooky time of year. Ancient folklore depicts black cats as the familiars of witches, or even shape-shifting demons! (We have a black cat and we associate him with a cuddly bed, but I digress.) Despite these religious beginnings of Halloween, old beliefs about black cats and witches still play a large part in this holiday.Made from salty pretzels and creamy chocolate, there's nothing to fear from these delicious Halloween black cats.Made from salty pretzels and creamy chocolate, there’s nothing to fear from these Halloween black cats.
October is all about Halloween and what screams (pardon the pun) more about Halloween than black cats. I wanted to give you some fun facts about the seemingly “unlucky” beautiful creatures known as black cats and the superstitions surrounding them.It’s unclear exactly where the superstitions around black cats and bad luck came from, but people tend to eye ancient folkloric traditions like the Druids or associations with witchcraft that arose during the Middle Ages. But being the bearers of bad luck isn’t the only rumor that follows dark-furred kitties into the present. For decades, many animal shelters have refused to adopt out black cats on or right before Halloween out of fear they will be tortured or sacrificed, .The idea that black cats bring bad luck is a total myth, but that doesn’t mean these solid-colored kitties have an easy time getting adopted. All the superstitions surrounding black cats have a real effect on finding them a home, giving these kitties some of and the highest euthanasia rates out of all furry felines. However, if you’re looking to give a lonely black cat a forever home, you might have to wait until after Halloween is over. That's for their own protection, though.There is a more down-to-Earth, if no less cruel, reason that some shelters are uneasy giving black cats away during the leadup to Halloween: they don’t want them to become costume accessories. While stories of this kind of behavior are rare and can be hard to verify, black cats aren’t the only animals with adoption restrictions around certain times of year. Recently, New York City issued a blanket ban on adoption rabbits around Easter in order to keep them from being given away as part of a holiday gift basket, .First things first: there’s no evidence suggesting that people go out of their ways to do bad things to cats on Halloween. However, persistent rumors about cults and crazy people seeking to sacrifice black cats on the spooky holiday have been enough to make many animal shelters put a hold on adopting out these kittens, . Often, just calling a shelter and specifically asking for a black cat during the week before Halloween is enough to raise the eyebrows of the people caring for these cats.This addition to our popular series of shaped books for children is a happy story about the activities of one of Halloween's most durable icons the black cat. It shows how fully they enter into the spirit of the holiday. We see black cats with their fellow Halloween iconsjack-o-lanterns, witches of all varieties, and owls. They join children in their trick or treat rounds, and do their best to be scary. Some wear costumes, and in the spirit of the holiday, frolic and dance. Black kittens join the celebration with their feline elders. We have illustrated this charming book with a variety of vintage Halloween images, including rare vintage postcards.