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A forum member told me they use Bitter Apple spray to keep cats of surfaces so I'd like to try it.
Although Grannick's Bitter Apple is safe and harmless for your cat, that doesn't mean that she'll appreciate the taste -- and that's totally the point. The spray is supposed to have a foul taste that repels pets, whether canine or feline. Sometimes the spray is bitter like the name indicates, and sometimes it's piping hot -- yikes. One thing that the fluffy cuties have in common with most people is a general abhorrence of bitter food items.
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Hi Molly, yes that sounds awful! I have heard of it before. If I were you I’d start spraying some “bait” bags with the Grannick’s Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray mentioned above. Stay where you can watch him and take the bag away if it doesn’t repel him pretty fast. For most cats, after they encounter that a Bitter Apple few times, the object in question becomes something they want to avoid. If your cat still scratches in appropriate places, use some sprays like bitter apple or actual orange peels, which are good deterrents.Grannick's Bitter® Apple Spray is a taste deterrent for dogs and cats to help discourage unwanted behavior. Comes in an 8-oz spray bottle.Grannick's Bitter® Apple Spray is a taste deterrent for dogs and cats to help discourage unwanted behavior. Comes in an 8-oz spray bottle.
Bitter apple spray tastes so gross to your dog that it can stop him from chewing your shoes, your furniture and other unwanted household objects. Since the spray is liquid, it evaporates over time. Regular applications keep the object bitter-tasting and render it unattractive to Rover.Atticus, my half cat/half dog, has been chewing on a few electrical cords around the house. I am only finding bitter apple spray for dogs…can it be used for cats, too?Grannick’s Bitter Apple is a chew deterrent for dogs and cats. It leaves an unpleasant, bitter taste in your pet's mouth to discourage unwanted licking, chewing, and biting. Bitter Apple helps prevent fur biting, excessive grooming, hot spot irritations. and chewing of household items, cages, or protective bandages. For cats it is available in an 8 oz dabber top bottle for easier application. Bitter Apple for dogs is available in 8 oz or 16 oz spray, and a 4 oz gel.Chewing habit in dogs is quite common but it is not in cats. Cats that chew more on anything that they can reach are too bored in their life. It just makes a habit out of them. No matter what the object is, like leaves, plants, or furniture, they try to chew on it making more damage. Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray is one of the coolest solutions for this problem. The Bitter Apple Spray contains bitter principles that discourage the cats from chewing on to the surface it is sprayed on. The cats would hesitate to lick, chew, bite, or gnaw those surfaces.Also, is it sticky? Since I am going to be spraying it on electrical cords, I don’t want a sticky mess that is going to get on the carpet and walls. Has anyone had success with using bitter apple spray for their dogs or cats?The Bitter Apple Spray leaves an unpleasant taste but that is what it is made for. The taste is supposed to be foul to repel the cats. But ironically some cats seem to like the taste of it making this product a failure for some, but that’s a rarity.Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray is made with isopropanol (20%), water, bitter extractives, and principles. These ingredients make a deterrent will prevent the cats from fur biting, chewing the hairs and hot spots.Bitter Apple Spray is safe for the cats. There is no harmful chemical in it. it is suitable for all cats, young kittens or older kitties, it is safe with all of them. Young kittens do have the tendency to chew on the electrical cords and Bitter Apple Spray will help them get rid of this habit. Apply this spray on to the cords that will keep the kittens away from danger.