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Treats for Grumpy Cat's 2nd Birthday Party
We want to wish Grumpy Cat a Happy Birthday, but of course she's not having it. Watch as the Friskies® Party Mix™ planning team presents Grumpy with ideas for her big "Terrible 2" birthday party. Find what she says "Yes" to! Friskies Party Mix cat treats is the official sponsor of Grumpy Cat's 2nd birthday. Learn more at

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birthday treats for cats
Ciao Churu (Churu means delicious, by the way) and the Tuna Fillets in Crab Broth are the purrfect treats for cats of any age, but they're especially handy for cats with sensitive teeth or even a senior kitty with decreased appetite. You can feed them the as a standalone treat or mix it in with their dry food as a tasty topper. They even make a delicious birthday (or adoption day) treat to spoil your cat on their special day! Top 8 Ways to Celebrate Your Cat's Birthday - The SpruceMay 2, 2017 - Do you celebrate your cat's birthday or First, get your kitty in a party mood with a very special treat.
Kitty Kookies - Handmade Cat Treats, Cat Birthday Cake A range of treats and cakes made especially for cats, including the Purrr-fect Birthday cake for cats. All treats are made from fresh, human grade ingredients. Contain no added salt, sugar or preservatives.Like all loving parents, many cat owners enjoy celebrating the birthday, or adoption date, of their beloved felines. While cats ignore cakes and calendars, the humans in their lives relish the chance to spoil their pets with gifts and special treats. Cats' preference for celebrating with a catnip mouse and a snooze in the sun may make them terrible party planners, but they'll still enjoy the event that you've created. Because cats are a special part of a cat owner’s life, they should be showered with affection. No better way to shower your cat with affection than to throw it a birthday party, which can be great fun for you and for your other friends who have cats. Even though your cat doesn’t know it’s their birthday, they will have lots of feline fun playing with other cats and getting some new toys and special treats. So Happy CATober the 1st everyone! Let's bring out some treats and new toys for our beloved furry friends. Even though I know my furry babies' actually birthdays, I feel like it is the date for all the adopted and shelter cats to celebrate.We are SO excited to share some special treats that we created for Grumpy Cat’s 2nd Birthday Party! we shared the news that picked us to take on the task of trying to make Grumpy Cat’s 2nd Birthday extra special (Do you think we can get Grumpy Cat to smile!?). I shared my Grumpy Frown #1MMGrumpyFrowns and we know lots of you submitted your grumpiest frown, too!