This lifelike Bird in a Cage cat toy features:

Flying Bird Cat Toy Electronic Whirling Fun & Exercise Kitty Motoring Pet Game #TLCInternational
Keep the fun going with the Go Cat Da Bird Cat Catcher Mouse Teaser Wand Replacement Cat Toy. Because let’s face it—your cat is going to love playing with the wand so much that you’ll need to replace the attachment from time to time. Handcrafted with care in the USA, it’s as simple as opening and closing a safety pin to switch out, which means you’ll be back to playing in no time at all. Simply unhook the old one and reattach the new one!
Birdie Chase Cat Toy – Ball Chirps As It Spins Around The Track $12 deal gen
If you are interested in purchasing Da Bird toy and refills for your cat you can find it on Amazon or at many local pet stores in your area. It’s tempting to buy the cheaper knock off versions, but you get what you pay for when purchasing kitty toys, and Da Bird is awesome! Bird Toys For Cats The Best KidsBird Toys For Cats The Best KidsFlying Bird Toys For Cats The Best Kids
The Whirly-Bird has been on the market since 1989 and was designed for our own cats. We believe our Whirly-Bird to be "THE ORIGINAL TOY OF THIS TYPE". Similar products being imported all were introduced AFTER the Whirly-Bird came on the market. As our customers have stated, "their cats prefer the WHIRLY-BIRD!"This toy is healthy as well as fun. It provides needed exercise for your cat, particularly overweight or indoor cats. Cats think this is a real bird, and can become very aggressive with it when their natural instincts take over. The real fun is in the pursuit of the Whirly-Bird!We guarantee that your cat will not be able to resist the Whirly-Bird cat toy. Many hours of testing with our own cats went into developing this toy to find the perfect ingredients! We have tested it on kittens as well as oldsters, and found that it will bring out the natural instincts in all.While you may only want to use just the feather attachment with Da Bird, I found the Sparkler, Fur fun and Kitty puff attachments to be extremely addictive. My cat Marsh has an affinity for the sparkler. I will use it as a fast moving pray on the floor and drive it under closed doors or under cabinets. Marsh will meow, trying to get to the sparkler, at that time, I will yank the string again, and the cat toy is free again to run around. Number One and the best Cat Toy: Da Bird Cat Toy - the best hands down. Cats cannot resist it. It's a flyer, as simple as a two feathers tied to a rope on a stick. My cat Marsh loves his to death. To save money, I buy attachments directly from Go-Cat, 12 at a time. It's only $36 for 12 feathers, a great price. Truthfully, there're NO better cat toy around. Does your cat chatter his teeth and swish his tail whenever he sees a bird? Does he stare at the bird feeder for hours on end? Does he dream about four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie? Then this toy's for you!In fact, my cat constantly thinks it's a bird, so I cannot even leave Da Bird toy on the floor, because he rips it apart. I keep my da bird on top of a tall dresser. I can truly recommend Da Bird, it is the best of the best!Da Bird cat flier toy prices: I've seen this cat toy go for as much as $12 for just a handle and one feather attachment. Do not pay that much! I buy directly from Go-Cat's website, and pay about $36 for 12 attachments, which is a great price.