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 Just like house cats, these BIG cats love to play with cardboard boxes 🐯🦁🐱
Everyone knows house cats love to mess around with cardboard boxes -- they make great sleeping quarters, they're good for a scratch or a bite, and they make exciting rustling noises when moved. But do big cats (think lions, tigers, and leopards) like boxes too? in Tampa shows us a series of adorable examples in this video.
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Problems arise when the box is too small, and most commercial litter boxes aren't big enough for jumbo-size cats. When a box is too small, the cat may hang over the edge of the box and leave a mess outside the box. Other times the cat can't maneuver enough to cover waste and spends much time outside the litter box pawing the sides or floor area around with frustration. Big cats are just cats - they also love boxes! I love the lion's box is completely crushed. LOLfunny caption even big cats like boxesBig cats like boxes too (10 Photos)
So here’re pictures of cats in boxes because this is the Internet and sometimes you just need a big mental health break to cleanse the palatte. Except these cats are big cats (hence the name) and the boxes, too, are also big. It’s universal, seemingly, that cats love boxes. Has there ever been a house cat who did not find itself ensconced in a cardboard box left upon the floor? Big, boxes, little boxes, tape outlines of boxes, you name it. Cats have all kinds of quirky antics – from playing with water to the magnificent keyboard sprawl, but the love of cardboard seems pretty universal.In any case, the evidence is clear in the video above, as the lions, tigers, and their big-cat brethren saunter off with their boxes, content as can be.Not only are boxes great for unobtrusive observation, they are perfect for jumping out and pouncing on unsuspecting passersby. This is another behavior that harkens back to our housecats' wild roots. A predator will hide and observe, waiting for the exact right moment to leap out, surprising his prey. This gives the fearsome hunter an advantage when his target is too shocked to run for a second. Without the need to hunt for survival, your cat still likes to play "big, scary lion" and pounce on your feet or the other cats in the home.We all know how our furry little friends can’t resist cardboard – but apparently, this is a genetic trait passed down from their big cat relatives. Check out this video featuring Big Cats of all breeds – and their boxes!Some people might wonder if ‘big cats’ like boxes and the answer is seen in the video, they absolutely LOVE it! Just like their counterpart domestic cats…And just in case you've ever wondered if domestic cats are the only members of the feline family that love cardboard boxes, check out this adorable video of big cats enjoying them too: Overview
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