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BFF Pouch For Cats | Tuna & Chicken Charm Me Recipe (in Gravy) | 3oz/Case of 24
Initial veterinary guidance in Australia suggested that efforts focus on testing for heavy metal presence in our BFF canned foods (exclusive to Australia). Over 50 batches have been tested, and those results have indicated heavy metals are not the likely cause of the symptoms these cats are presenting.
BFF Pouch For Cats | Tuna & Duck Devour Me Recipe (in Gravy) | 3oz/Case of 24
Dozens of accounts have emerged on social media since, from pet owners claiming their cats becoming seriously ill after being fed a diet of BFF. BFF Pouch For Cats | Tuna & Turkey Tickles Recipe (in Gravy) | 3oz/Case of 24The AVA said it was unable to confirm how many reports of sick cats fed BFF they have received from veterinarians around the country.Join Facebook to connect with Bff Cats and others you may know
We received our monthly delivery of and I was home sick so.....I built this city and thought when I released the Krakens (I mean cats) I would get to film them destroying my artwork in slow motion. Not how it turned out:). We use the equivalent of 600 5.5oz cans a month and we alternate flavors to keep everyone happy. Our cats love BFF cat food (made in human grade facilities in Thailand) and we love the that makes it. We are hoping to convince them to help with the fight against FIP. Please note: No money raised by ZenByCat is used for our cats, including cat food. And now, check out our Ninja Cats.Weruva has two new products in the pipeline I understand – BFF pouches (which have no carageenan) and Cats in the Kitchen cans – super clean, no carageenan, no starch at all! Sounds pretty awesome (if the furry boys will eat it.)As a mom to three "fur babies" (My cats). I just wanted to say, Thank you! It was an easy switch from McDonald's cat food to The whole foods version. My 12,10 and 8 year old kitties Are back to being healthy and happy. When I opened my first can of Paw Lickin Chicken, I was shocked. It looked just like the stuff I make sandwiches with. And my babies love dinner time. We bounce between B.f.f, Cats in the Kitchen, because weluvya and Trueluxe. Humans don't eat the same meal everyday and neither should our pets. So again, thank you for such an amazing product!!The BFF canned foods in question are exclusive to a single facility that does not produce foods for any other Weruva branded food. The BFF canned foods in question are currently being tested for all possible issues by multiple independent laboratories. We are also in contact with veterinary doctors who have treated sick cats to access any information that may inform us further. To ensure quality and confidence across our entire global food assortment we have taken additional steps to extensively test ALL ingredients and finished foods by independent laboratories in addition to our routine testing and quality assurance measures.May 9, 2017 update: The Australian Veterinary Association released the following statement: ” Last week we alerted veterinarians to a small number of reports of cats showing a combination of cerebellar and vestibular signs, which could be related to a pet food toxicity or deficiency. At this stage, we have no definitive proof of toxicity (or deficiency) and the issue is only a potential association with the feeding of BFF brand cat food. Petbarn have acted very quickly to withdraw the food from sale, pending laboratory testing. As a result of media interest, it is likely that many cats fed BFF will now be presented to vets with a variety of non-pet food related illnesses. We are particularly interested in cats that have cerebellar and/or vestibular signs as these are not a particularly common presenting problem, and were present in the “index” cases.”They say that dog’s are a man’s best friend, but cats, they can be the perfect best friend for just about anyone if you let them into your heart. We know we can’t cover every single reason why, but here are some of the 7 best ones that prove why cat BFFs rule: