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My cat is in eternal food transitioning mode. He has taken to Wysong Archetype Chicken Formula, which is freeze dried raw meat. Please comment on Wysong products, when possible.
He really likes Merrick Beef and Merrick Chicken Pate … which I am working to wean him off of. I introduced Weurva this past week. Unfortunately, I purchased b.f.f. …all of which are fish based. (Have to wonder why all the fish?)
Tried Party Animal … that did not go over well.
We need tighter regulations for pets food. This marketing game is killing our cherished best friends.
Please review Wysong. Thank you.
Bff Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya Recipe Cat Food Review - CatFoodDB
I was looking into high protein/low carb canned cat foods for my 6yr old overweight cat, in the hopes of trying to prevent him from getting diabetes. I've read that lowering carbs can help with this. BFF food has less than 3% carbs and both my cats absolutely LOVE it! The pouches are significantly higher in carbs so get the canned if this is a concern of yours. Full nutritional information is available on BFF's website. This food is a little pricey but considering the ingredients used (and not used) I feel like its worth it. Bff Tuna & Duck Devour Me Recipe Cat Food Review - CatFoodDBBff Tuna Too Cool Recipe Cat Food Review - CatFoodDBBff Tuna & Beef Baby Cakes Recipe Cat Food Review - CatFoodDB