Oct 18, 2016 - What kind of water is best for cats and dogs

Below you'll find a comparison of the best water dispensers for cats on the market:
For more information on the water and nutritional needs of cats, talk to your veterinarian for guidance on what your specific cat needs based on her age, health, activity level and current diet. You can also find more specific information on feline nutrition and feeding behavior in the book . Be sure and check out Pam’s latest release, , to get answers to the 150 most-asked cat behavior questions. The books by best-selling author Pam Johnson-Bennett are available at bookstores everywhere, through your favorite online book retail site and also right here on our website.
WebMD discusses the facts about cats and dairy, and why substituting a saucer of milk for water may not be best for your kitten.
Cats are finicky at the best of times, but when it comes to drinking enough water they really don't seem to know what's best for them. Chances are you don't either. But a Taiwanese startup called Noacare believes it can sort both parties out with a smart water fountain. This new fountain, Pura, syncs with a tag on your cat's collar and an app on your smartphone to keep you up to speed on your feline friend's water intake so that you can prevent health problems before they occur. However, is a carbohydrate-laden, plant-based, water-depleted dry food the best diet for our cats? Absolutely not.Whichever water fountain you decide to use, you can be sure any of the 5 best water fountains for cats can help you make the right choice.Apr 3, 2017 - Our reviews of the best water pet fountains for your cats or dogs
Also, it's best not to use plastic bowls for their water & food because the chemicals can leech out and affect their health. I had a cat that was fine until I one day accidentally dropped & shattered the ceramic water bowl. I switched to plastic bowls, and that was when he started experiencing fur loss on his belly & chest area and his epileptic seizures started. I didn't realize the plastic bowls could cause problems until I later read somewhere online, years ago, that cats can be sensitive to the chemicals in plastic and the similarity in symptoms.The bottom line is that you can provide the best food and great supplements for your cat, but if the water is poor quality, optimal health will remain out of reach. Pure, good quality water is an essential ingredient of your cat’s wellness program!Spring water, if it’s really from a natural spring, and if the spring itself is good quality, is the best choice for cats (and the rest of the family, too!). According to an , 25% of bottled water is simply bottled tap water that may or may not have been further treated. In general, generic and grocery store brands should be avoided; many of them tested positive for bacteria and chemical contaminants. Designer imports Perrier and Evian tested relatively clean. Calistoga is a natural spring in northern California; most of its samples were okay. Arrowhead Springs is a real spring just outside San Bernardino; but based on test results–and having personally seen the condition of the open pond from which the water is pumped–I’d recommend avoiding it. The water we use for Spirit Essence remedies, Eldorado Springs, comes from a natural artesian spring just south of Boulder, Colorado. We believe that this source of pure water is best for our remedies.The water being a day old isn’t the problem when this happens. Since cats aren’t as clean as humans concerning their oral health, the water will be contaminated with bacteria as soon as the cat drinks out of it the first time, even if the water is freshly replaced. As time goes on, the bacteria will keep on duplicating until it contaminates the whole bowl of water. If you leave this kind of bacteria growing for over a day, the water will eventually be so bad that the cat will have a sour taste when it drinks out of it and it won’t be good for it’s health either as well as finding the best cat water fountain amazon today.All animals, be it those in the wild or those that we have learned to domesticate, rely on food and water to survive, in pretty much the same way as we humans do. For dogs, we always have H2O bowls for them. For cats, maybe you have already seen your kitty climb up your kitchen sink and try to drink from the running water from your faucet. If this is the case, then you just need to keep your faucet open and expect to see a huge H2O bill by month’s end. A much better and more practical approach is to give your cat one of our 10 best cat water fountains in 2016. We guarantee your kitty will love it.Most cats don’t drink enough water. Because cats are so self-sufficient, we assume they know what’s best for their health, and many times they do. But I learned the importance of making sure my cats drink enough water the hard way — with a medical scare.