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Instead, bring the fun inside – and let your cat go wild! People with indoor cats are always looking for ways to enhance their environment to make them happy as outdoor kitties. Adding toys which replicate the hunting experience is a great way to help your cat exercise this hunting instinct in a safe way. Some toys are typically very good for this, including catnip mice and toys with feathers. But the very best toys are ones that “play back” and let your cat experience more interactive fun. Check your favorite pet store or online for good, interactive cat toys.
15 BEST Cat Toys 2017 | Interactive Toy Picks for Indoor Cats
How do you do that? Well, you want to create the fun and adventure of the great outdoors…indoors. And using a clever combination of the best cat toys for indoor cats allows you to do just that. Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats | Cool Cat Toys - MeowBrandBest Cat Toys For Indoor Cats 2016 | Cat Owner ClubBest cat toys for indoor cats - YouTube
Cats are notorious at turning their noses up at expensive gifts, like beds and toys. Most felines prefer a box to its contents, to the frustration of their pet parents. The best cat toys are believable and mentally stimulating to your pet; preferences vary from cat to cat. Learn which type of cat toy your pet prefers and find the right one for your cat’s personality.When it comes to finding the best toys for our cats, we often find out that cats may love a toy one day, ignore it the next, and then destroy it shortly after that. Many pet owners even stop buying them because it feels like flushing money down the toilet, especially when a ball of yarn does a better job.Cats are natural hunters, thus, inherent in their instincts is a predisposition to hunt, stalk and kill a prey. However, the natural platform for them to do that is removed once they are taken away from the wild into an indoor environment. While being indoors is much safer for the cats, there is also much less in the indoor world to stimulate them. Without stimulation, cats fall into either unhealthy prolonged slumber or neurotic behaviors such as aggression or excessive grooming. Neither of these needs to happen if they are provided with a variety of activities to make their indoor life more enriching and interesting. The article will suggest some of the best cat toys for indoor cats you can buy for your beloved pets.Cats need toys for exercise and recreation. The best types of cat toys should mimic skills that your cat would need to employ if it were living in the wild. Not all cats like playing with toys, and some will only like one type of toy. It can be expensive finding out what your cat likes. Colorful, shiny cat toys from the pet shop aren’t necessary, and often aren’t very good from the cat’s point of view. Making your cat's toys at home can save you money and allow you to bond with your pet.The best toys for cats are the ones that your will play with. Each cat is a unique individual with his or her own preferences. Some cats soar on catnip highs while others seem immune to its effects. One of your cats might scale the walls in her determination to catch that red laser dot while your other feline housemate looks on with disdain and apathy. Experiment with different cat toys and swap them out occasionally to keep playtime fresh and exciting.Cats fending for themselves may eat as many as a dozen times a day – more nibbles than full meals, obviously, but that’s a lot of time spent on the hunt. So the best toys for cats are usually ones that mimic prey somehow and engage hunting-related behavior. Balls can be fun to bat around, but the same old ball, just lying there, gets dull in a hurry. Put balls away between games. Feathery and fur-like toys on “fishing poles” encourage stalking, leaping, and pouncing – especially right before mealtime, when your cat is hungry anyway. Just be careful to avoid these that could put your cat at risk. Finish up with a food-dispensing toy. Food toys for cats are harder to find than similar toys for dogs, but two I like are the and the Kong Company’s .