Store bought food isnt always the best option for your cat.

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Well-known brands like Purina, Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin offer top-quality versions of their food to veterinarian offices. You can only get these foods from a vet's office. Ask your vet about the best quality food for your cat. Vets may also recommend other natural brands or store brands that are healthy.
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This list is forthcoming as I check them all out. I've noticed most brands you see in the regular retail giant stores have too many ingredients that are not the best or not natural for a cat. Plus, they are really expensive! You can make your own raw food at a fraction of the cost. You need only set aside about one and a half hours per month to make a batch to freeze in portion sizes, which I call "cat cookies," and do the clean-up. Typically, there are grocery store brands, mid-tier and top-tier products.Top Dry and Wet Cat Food Choices - Love MeowBest canned cat food, but expensive: Wellness Chicken Formula
Best store bought cat food? : I want to buy the best cat food for a cat that I am adopting. Which one gives the best nutrition? First Reply:Answer by phxwolf2I use Special Kitty brand from Walmart and all my cats are … Best store bought cat food?About your recommended wet food brands-I went online to Addictions’ website and visited the store near me that stated they had it. When I went there, they stated they no longer carried it, however, the store manager recommended Weruva (the carrageenan and grain free version) as the best. Are you familiar with this brand? I only want to feed her the best. Money is not a concern. I have been trying to do my own research, but have not been very successful (and my vet recommended only dry food for her teeth).
The second brand you mentioned, Authority, is it the one that’s only sold at PetSmart? That’s the only one I was able to locate. Lastly, how do you feel about eventually incorrportating raw food in her diet?To give people some context: My cat was exclusively fed a raw diet (a reputable, veterinary approved brand as well), and still ended up with a urinary blockage and kidney issues. It only proves that every cat is genetically different, and in the end it is just best to feed an appropriately formulated diet catered to you cat’s individual needs–whether it be a prescription canned diet, raw, homecooked or a quality “over the counter” store bought food.The best site I have come across for learning about food for my cats. Thank you. I was feeding my cats Taste of The Wild but, wanted to start them on something healthier. My local non-chain pet store sells Fromm so, I decided to try it. The cats LOVE it but, since I have switched them, their food and water intake has increased significantly. I gave them a measured amount every morning of TOTW and they would eat until full and walk away. Now, I give them the same amount of Fromm and they inhale it until the bowls are empty (sometimes throwing it up because they are too fast) then act like they are starving by the time I feed them again at night. And they’re drinking a ton of water. I kind of thought they would eat less with a more protein rich food but, clearly I was wrong. I don’t mind paying more to keep them healthy but, I have now added a third meal to keep them from eating so fast/much when I feed them and they’re finishing that one off rapidly as well. 10 lbs a week for 6 cats seems excessive and they’re acting hungry still. Any advice or suggestions?