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The litter box can be used in households with multiple cats, though it will require more frequent maintenance if you have more than one cat. Users recommend trying different types of litter to find the one that works best for your cats and their bathroom habits.
These boxes contain “World’s Best Cat Litter” Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, Lavender scented. Kitties LOVE it!
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Different cats like different litters and within multi-cat households, there may be disagreements over what is best. Using multiple boxes gives you a chance to experiment with all of the variables, including height of the box, covered or uncovered (most prefer uncovered where dust and odors are not trapped), depth of the litter, type of litter, box location and so on.It contains convenient storage compartments built into the box so you can store your pooper scooper and anything else you might need with ease, we find it is sufficient for a house of at least seven cats and isn’t so deep you need to worry about the younger ones getting stuck. This is the best litter box for multiple cats precisely because it has been designed with that in mind.Well you can stop searching. We've scratched through the worst to find the best litter box for multiple cats. These are some amazing products....At least 10% of all cats develop elimination problems. Some stop using the box altogether. Some only use their boxes for urination or defecation but not for both. Still others eliminate both in and out of their boxes. Elimination problems can develop as a result of conflict between multiple cats in a home, as a result of a dislike for the litter-box type or the litter itself, as a result of a past medical condition, or as a result of the cat deciding she doesn’t like the location or placement of the litter box.

Once a cat avoids her litter box for whatever reason, her avoidance can become a chronic problem because the cat can develop a surface or location preference for elimination—and this preference might be to your living room rug or your favorite easy chair. The best approach to dealing with these problems is to prevent them before they happen by making your cat’s litter boxes as cat-friendly as possible. See our common litter-box management issues below, and our ways to make litter boxes cat-friendly. It is also important that you pay close attention to your cat’s elimination habits so that you can identify problems in the making. If your cat does eliminate outside her box, you must act quickly to resolve the problem before she develops a strong preference for eliminating on an unacceptable surface or in an unacceptable area.This ranks as the third best litter box for multiple cats and we think its space saving design is the reason why. It’s cleverly designed as a corner box so it can slot in easily without giving up valuable litter space for those of you with lots of furry friends.Are you one of the thousands of cat owners that are tired of scooping the litter box? Then join the elite group of cat owners who use the best automatic litter boxes for cats! Not only will the automatic litter boxes keep the litter cleaner for longer, it is also very handy for the busy body, someone who owns multiple cats, or when you are going out of town.