Kitty Litter Comparison Chart: Which Cat Litter is Best?

ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ LightWeight is the very best cat litter we have ever tried.
Soft Step , made from fine wood granules, (except that Soft Step is lightweight). If you are transitioning your cat from clay clumping litter, this could be your best choice.
Best Lightweight Cat Litter
Overall this litter does a pretty average job of clumping at best. Clumps have been seen to group into large burdensome shapes that use a lot of litter and are difficult to dispose of. These large clumps also means that the litter gets used up rather quickly. In addition, the clumps are relatively soft and can fall apart easily. When they do fall apart, the cat smells have a tendency to be released again. Perhaps the lightweight attributes of this litter is the cause for the clumping issues, and going with a “heavier” litter that performs better might be the better approach. Sep 15, 2009 - World's Best Cat Litter™ is lightweight. Our good friends at LitterMaid® remind us that cats can use a litter box up to four or five times a day.Sep 20, 2015 - Would a lightweight cat litter cause less strain on joints when digging
I have 4 cats and been using this product for about 4 months or so. I second some of another customer's comments about this product. "Yes yes. This stuff is light. But if you actually want a litter that clumps and decreases odor and from this lightweight stuff. When you scoop, the clumps (half the time) crumble apart, basically negating scooping to decrease odor. It seems as though it DOES want to clump on my cats feet, and between his toes." I too believe it's driving them crazy, and is probably why a couple of them have been digging in my plant's pot of dirt - they're trying to help remove the litter that's stuck to their paws and in between their toes. And one of them every now and then "has taken up relieving themselves in front of the litter box" as opposed to going inside to take care of their business. I thought my dog (a Toy Poodle) was doing it on their litter tracker outside of the cat litter boxes, but it was actually the cats. "Let's not talk about how much this stuff is tracking through my house because it wants to travel on my cats feet instead of just doing what it's supposed to. Ugh." (double UGH!) Now, I have to sweep my floors every other day and spot clean areas throughout the house (every other day too) that have dried cat litter on it that came off their paws. Everywhere. And also, the product advertises that it's also like the other products in the brand, "99% Dust Free". This is not true at all. This has never happened to me before using Tidy Cats products. Every time I clean the litter box and go to wash my hands after, I see dust on my nose hair when I look up in the bathroom mirror. Eeeww. I'm brown skin, so easier to see right away. Thank God though for nose hair. How much further would this dust go into my body without it. I have been using the "Purina Tidy Cats" brand of cat litter for over 10 years, the " Immediate Odor Control, 24/7 Performance, Instant Action, Dual Power, Glade Tough Odor Solutions, 4-In-1 Solutions, and finally the Lightweight glade formula." I've used all of the products 1 product at a time, for more than 4 months or so before trying a different version. Only mixing when transitioning to another product of Tidy Cats. Some a little longer until I saw a new version from the brand. The "Instant Action" formula has been the best product from the Tidy brand out of all the scoopables. Again, the "Lightweight with glade" product is nice and light, but it is not good overall. Thank you.The Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Lightweight Fresh Scent Cat Litter Review earns 2 cats out of 5. There really isn’t anything great to say about this product other than the fact it is relatively light which helps in handling it. It struggles somewhat with clumps becoming and staying hard, locking in odor, and overall cleanup. For the performance we would like to see it being priced at half of what it sells for at best.Winner of the Cat Fancy 2012 Editors' Choice Award - voted Best Cat Product of the Year! Veterinarian recommended, Boxiecat quality makes a noticeable difference. Unscented, it completely eliminates ammonia odors without using fragrance as a masking agent. It's all natural, over 99.9% dust-free, hypo-allergenic, and contains no chemicals or additives. Boxiecat litter stays ultra-clean even after weeks of scooping. Hard clumps form quickly on the top, rather than soaking to the bottom of the litter box. Clumps hold together during scooping, making litter care a breeze. Because Boxiecat forms smaller and lighter clumps, it is also longer lasting. One bag lasts one cat approximately one month. Boxiecat is fine and soft on cat’s paws, but it is not lightweight, so it resists tracking. Customers report that cats take to Boxiecat right away and that it helps attract cats to use the litter box. Boxiecat is perfect for single and multi-cat households, as well as regular, sifting, and mechanical litter boxes. Boxiecat’s packaging is durable, manageable to lift, easy to tear open, has a zip-lock for re-sealing, and is 100% recyclable. Boxiecat litter is biodegradable and made in the U.S.A. Boxiecat is family owned and operated, and supports Shelters and Rescues nationwide.In a nut-shell, this cat litter is very absorbent, totally dust-free, super soft, and super lightweight. It is the best cat litter on the market in terms of components and ease of use. It clumps and absorbs perfectly. You will have the easiest time scooping. No smells, no pieces left.