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I’ve just adopted a kitten from the shelter, now they’ve had her on this run-of-the-mill kitty chow and I’m pretty sure that while it satisfies her, it probably is not best for her. She is currently 7 months old, would you recommend the same canned food for adult cats that you would for kittens?
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Older cats have a few very common health concerns you should be aware of as you select the best cat food for your pet. Long-term feeding of premium cat food may help prevent health problems in cats due to the higher nutritional content. Ingredients such as vitamin D, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids are all known to reduce the risk of certain health problems in animals and humans. Why not start early by feeding your cat the best? Best Dry Cat Food For Older Cats Composure DogsBest Cat Food For Older Cats 3 Brands You Need To Know AboutBest Dry Cat Food For Older Cats Composure Dogs
Pet food manufacturers offer an array of food choices for health conditions and life stages, including senior diets. Dr. Ronald Hines notes many senior diets incorporate higher amounts of vitamins B6 and D, fiber, calcium and extra omega fatty acids and antioxidants, though it varies according to food manufacturer. However, WebMD states there's no research stating that healthy older cats have different nutritional needs from younger cats. Hines cautions about feeding a senior diet with lower calories to an already underweight older cat. However, as long as your cat is getting the calories she needs to maintain weight, he notes a senior formula won't hurt her. Talk to your vet about the best diet for your cat.Like all living things, cats require a certain formulation of nutrients in their diets and if their food doesn’t provide those nutrients, the cat will not thrive and it may develop any number of medical conditions. Do yourself and your old cat a favor by feeding him the best food for senior cats.Both wet and dry cat food varieties can be found specially formulated to meet the needs of a senior cat. These best cat foods pay special attention to the digestive needs of older cats, while also taking into consideration their need for ample protein and other nutrients. You will find that special cat food for older cats is found in a number of flavors, making it easy to find one that your pet will love.As a pet owner, you want to help ensure that your older cat is able to make the most out of their senior years. One of the best ways in which you can do this is by choosing a specialized cat food that has been specifically formulated to meet the changing needs of older cats.Cats that have developed heart disease will need a special cat food that is lower in sodium and higher in taurine, while those with chronic kidney failure will need highly digestible protein as the main staple of their diet. A veterinarian should be consulted when choosing a best cat food for your older cat if they have developed a disease that is common with aging.Both canned wet food and dry food provide your senior furry friend with the nutrition he needs, but the choice of which one is best for your feline depends on his tastes and health. Some older kitties prefer the taste and texture of a dry kibble, which can keep their teeth clean and scrape away tartar. Others may prefer the stronger aroma of canned cat food, which has a softer texture that makes it easier for older kitties with dental problems to eat. Canned food also contains much more water, consisting of about 75 percent moisture, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This helps to prevent dehydration, especially common in older cats, according to the Feline Advisory Bureau.