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Cat owners’ views on raw food tends to vary widely, so do your homework and use your best judgement. Raw meat, bone and organs do mimic what your cat would find in the wild, but look for hormone and antibiotic-free, raw foods and above all, be very careful with the handling and placement of raw food in your home—humans and animals alike can get very sick from raw food left out too long.
Based on the above analysis, here are our picks for Top 5 Best Cat Foods of 2017.
Chat with your vet. If your cat has special dietary needs or you’re unsure about whether or not certain ingredients are safe, chat with your vet and get their input. There are a lot of factors to consider, and getting some guidance from a trusted vet can help you find the best food for your cat. Learning what to look out for can help you choose the best food for your cat.This catch-all term is used for a lot of foods but you know what is best for your cat.Get our 2-page, easy reference checklist and always buy the best food for your cats!
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The best you can get for your furry little feline purr machine! With a high quality protein focus and limited carbohydrates, your kitty will enjoy BFF’s Grain Free, Low Fat recipes that also deliver the High Moisture your cat needs. If your cat is your BFF, then feed them the Best Feline Food!Indoor cat owners may need to try a few different varieties and brands of cat food before they can choose what is the best cat food for their indoor cat. Stick to choices that contain high levels of protein and fats with no carbs, but that also don’t put a strain on your budget. Indoor cats are adaptable pets, and will quickly learn to come running for dinner if they feel that their dietary needs are being met. Baby kittens need care, attention, and most of all – a special diet. Royal Canin’s Kitten Instinctive canned food with chicken and gravy is the best food item for your Oriental kitty cat.Best of both worlds in one diet, these foods tend to be high in moisture, fat and protein content and are easier for older kitties with sensitive teeth than exclusively dry food. Cats naturally take in most of their water from their food so these soft bite-sized bits meet most of your pet’s hydration requirements.Which is the best cat food for your cat? My picks for the top cat foods for 2017 are chosen for their high quality ingredients and their approximation to a cat's natural diet in the wild - mainly the kinds of foods cats hunt. No rats or rabbits, but protein-rich meat, foul, and fish. These foods contain the same high grade protein that is sold for human consumption - no fillers or by-products. Regardless of health or age it’s true that a large contingent of cats fall into an average range where there aren’t a lot of special considerations an owner needs to make outside of budget. Our recommendations for the best cat food on this page are catered to that group of pet owners who value quality above all else.Like all animals, pets, and even people, cats are individuals. That means that there’s never going to be a single “best” cat food that is appropriate for every cat.You have several choices when deciding on the best food for your cat. You can feed a homemade diet; or you can feed one of several kinds of commercial diets. Homemade diets can be either raw diets or cooked. Both formulations have their supporters and some drawbacks.