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Hi! We adopted an 8-year-old cat two months ago who suffers from chronic urinary tract infections (she has not had an infection since October 2010). At the shelter, they had her on Hills c/d, but I would prefer to have her on a food with higher quality ingredients. When we brought her home, we tried to transition her to Weruva, and she really liked most of the varieties they offer, but they gave her loose stools which never went away. We took her off of the Weruva after four weeks and gave her boiled chicken and canned pumpkin for a few days, which took care of the problem right away. I tried several times to give her raw food because that is what I feed my dog, but she refused to eat it (even when mixed with the canned food). We then tried to slowly put her back on the Weruva (using only one of the chicken formulas this time), but the loose stools returned almost immediately. Now we are trying canned Wellness and Nature’s Variety Instinct, and she has not had any digestive issues with either. However, I am not sure if these are the best foods for her health issues (to me, it seems like Weruva is unfortunately the best canned option for urinary tract health). I stumbled onto your site while trying to find a solution to this dilemma, and I was hoping you might have some suggestions. Aside from the raw, she is (thankfully!) not a picky eater.
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For cat’s struggling with urinary crystals, the best food is Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Morsels in Gravy. This cat food is chicken-based but features pork as a healthy second ingredient. You’ll need a vet’s prescription to order this food (even online), but many cat owners have found the canned food worth it. The BEST Cat Food for Urinary Health (Our Top Picks) - Cats Are On TopBest Cat Food For Urinary Health 2017 - KittyCattergiving my cat Purina ProPlan dry cat food, as I felt it was the best food for overall health.
Hi, I started giving my cat Purina ProPlan dry cat food, as I felt it was the best food for overall health. It helps the aging process and renal health, and quite a list of other things, which I can't remember at the moment. Definately worth a try!When it comes to your cat’s urinary health, it is best to start with a high-quality, nutritious diet like this . This recipe is made with 70% free-range chicken with eggs as a supplementary protein source. It features potatoes, sweet potatoes, and organic flaxseed as the primary sources of digestible carbohydrate, though there is some pumpkin and spinach as well. For urinary health in particular, you will be glad to know that this recipe includes cranberries which help promote urinary tract health. All in all, this formula features a limited number of ingredients which will help to reduce the risk for food allergies and sensitivities in your cat. Despite its limited number of ingredients, however, it still offers complete nutritional balance and plenty of fresh, natural flavor your cat will love.Yes, foods low in ash content are the best. It's also bad to feed your kitten or cat milk. This causes crystalization in their bladders and can lead to urinary tract problems. Science Diet urinary tract health formula works wonders. Poor kitties, why do we put ash into their food in the first place? Many cat foods that you find are super cheap are PACKED with ash! It's a filler, and it's horrible!While dry cat food for any cat with a urinary health issue isn’t the best idea, many cats struggle to switch from a dry food diet to canned food. Wysong Uretic Feline Diet Dry Cat Food is the if your cat suffers from urinary issues. This food is also ideal for proactive cat owners looking to feed their dry cat food from a young age.If your cat is struggling with a urinary tract infection(s) – the first step is to switch to canned food only. The best canned food to change to is Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Formula Adult Canned Food. This formula is chicken-based. You don’t need a vet’s prescription to purchase it. The food provides low dietary magnesium to your cat and reduces urinary pH.If you are a cat owner, you might be thinking that a list of Top 3 Best Dry Cat Foods for Urinary Health is not of importance to you. Here is a quick fact for you: YOU ARE WRONG! Most people underestimate the potential of their cat facing urinary tract problems. It is a common problem that occurs in cats, and can even tend to be fatal . Yes, it’s the life of your precious Snuffles that might be at stake.