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There are some good reasons why a cat might benefit from eating a grain free cat food. First, just because pet foods in the past, including cat food, have included lots of grains doesn’t necessarily mean that those foods have provided the best nutrition. If your cat in 1990 ate a dry cat food diet with lots of grains and lived 20 years, he might have been a very healthy animal and you might have been lucky. Not every cat thrives on that kind of diet. The food may have been “complete and balanced” for its time but times change and so does our understanding of the nutritional needs of cats. Nutritional requirements are regularly updated. This doesn’t mean that grains have been declared off-limits for cats, but it does mean that we understand their need for certain amino acids better, along with their enzymes and how they digest their food. Grains can have a place in some cat foods, but some cats will do better without them.
If you feed your cat dry food and are now looking for the best grain free dry cat food, you are definitely on the right path.
So here are some suggestions for the best grain free dry cat food. These suggestions are also lower in carbohydrates, but still not low enough. Dry food will always have too many carbohydrates, even the healthiest ones. Feb 4, 2014 - Home » Best Dry Cat Food » Nature's Variety Instinct (Grain Free) ..Rss Facebook · Home » Best Dry Cat Food » Fromm Grain-Free Surf & Turf ..10 Best Grain-Free Dry Cat Foods - Part 2 HypoallergenicCatF
Although some experts say cats need wet food to stay hydrated, others have no problem with a high-quality dry food. Made from fresh meats, fish, eggs and produce, Orijen Cat and Kitten Formula's grain-free, natural ingredients make it the best dry cat food you can buy. The company has a good safety record and the food has never been recalled in North America. As you can see, there’s not many on this list. Even then, these cat foods are still high in carbohydrates than what a cat needs. Overall, if you are looking for grain free cat food then these are some of the best grain free dry cat foods on the market.Conducting taste tests with your Siamese cat is an easy way to help pick a food you will know they like. Start with these best cat foods for Siamese cats to ensure that your pet chooses a diet that meets all of her nutritional needs:Priced at just over $3 a pound, the Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free dry cat food comes in a variety of different flavors and stages to help feed your Siamese a diet they will love.To guide you when choosing the best wet and dry cat foods, here is a complete list of meat-based cat foods best for your cats. The dry and wet cat foods are classified based on the first five major ingredients since they show up the greatest nutritional value in the cat food formula. The foods listed below are free from grain, while others have grains as their major ingredients. Other cat owners do not mind whether the cat food has grains, as long as the major ingredients are meat-based. Some also consider the percentage of crude protein in the food as well as the glycemic carbohydrate content before feeding it to their cats.Pet parents know that cats can be downright wild, when the mood (or the full moon) strikes. Why not indulge their wild and crazy instincts with a food to match? Taste of the Wild may not be organic, but it’s one of the best natural cat foods out there: grain-free and with ingredients like roasted venison and wild salmon, this dry kibble mirrors what your cats would eat, if they lived in the wild.Keeping your cat on a balanced diet is vital to their overall health and wellness. And because every cat is different, their food is available in many different textures, ingredients and flavors. So, how do you find the best cat food? Although there are several different types of cat food available, the most popular choices tend to be dry, wet, or grain-free cat food. While each type will provide your cat with a nutritious diet, one option may outshine the others when it comes down to your pet’s specific needs. The best way to decide is to consider your lifestyle, consult your vet, and check out reviews and ratings.