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Unfortunately, great deal of this information is imprecise, at best
One of my cats was diagnosed with diabetes in April, and he was on insulin (Lantus) only one month! At the time of his diagnosis, I changed his diet from half dry and half canned food to all low-carb canned food. The BEST thing I did, other than changing his diet, was joining the Feline Diabetes Message Board ( There is an unbelievable amount of great information posted, and the people on the boards are wonderfully generous with their time and knowledge. You can learn what the best foods are for your extra-sweet kitty, as well as how to test and monitor his or her blood sugar and administer the correct dose of insulin, if you are using insulin. I can't recommend FDMB highly enough. Please check it out!
My cat no longer has diabetes thanks to Young Again Pet Foods, the best dry food for diabetic cats. Read my story…
Keep in mind cats have virtually no carbohydrate requirement and your cat is having trouble with them, hence the diabetes. There are a few realatively low carb dry diets but they are still, I believe, at least 15% and most dry diets even DM are above 22%. Almost any canned food is better than any dry. Of course when asked what's the best food for my cat? The first answer had better be "What she will eat". Calculating % is a royal pain but here's a fairly easy thing to do when reading a canned cat food label. You want no gluten, no soy, and no corn, or wheat to start. Then if the first 5 ingredients are water,meat or fish, meat or fish by products(ok for cats. Everytime they eat a mouse they eat byproducts) meat or fish meal, you probably have a food less than 5% carbs. There is some evidence beef may cause thyroid issues so I avoid it. Poultry seems to be best protein food of choice. Jump to Best Food For Diabetic Cats - All of these are wet cat food since dry kibbles are a big no-no for cats that are suffering from a health condition.What we know about most pet foods, and what is published about the nutrient content of cat ..likely never will be any dry cat food that will be an appropriate food for diabetic cats!
Unlike dogs, cats have a very good chance of becoming non-diabetic if certain dietary changes are made and their insulin resistant factors are controlled (like obesity, etc). It is very common for a cat to require insulin for only a few months and then go into diabetic remission. The two most important recommendations for cats with diabetes are no carbohydrates and no dry food! Diabetic cats should eat a high–protein, moderate fat and low/no carbohydrate food for the best chance of remission from their diabetes. The desired levels may vary if your cat has other medical conditions, but in general, I recommend that at least 45% of your cat's calories come from protein, 25 to 30% from fat and only 10% (or less) of their calories come from carbohydrates. and are great options.Cats are carnivores – for this reason, their ability to break down carbohydrates is not as well developed as their human counterparts. It is particularly important in the case of diabetic felines that their diet is primarily made up of proteins and very few carbs. Similarly, it’s best to choose a over a dry food.You should stop giving the diabetic dry cat food because it is very hard for cats to digest food like that. Dry food also have the high carbohydrate contents. The best thing that can help your cat is the meat food; this makes it sure that they are getting enough of protein. There are several brands that offer the canned food for cats, which act are perfect for them.The best diet for a cat with diabetes is generally high in protein, moderate in fat and low in carbohydrates. While there is no evidence that dry food causes diabetes (see “Myth Buster: Dry Food and Diabetes”), once a cat has diabetes, restricting carbohydrates is the first choice. Canned foods are often the preferred choice, since they tend to have fewer carbohydrates per serving than dry food. (Another dietary approach — high fiber/low fat — can also work with some cats, she adds.)