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Hi Janice,
Best advice I can give you is to go over to . Many vets are ignorant about proper cat nutrition unfortunately. The website is dedicated to proper cat nutrition and written by a vet who has done in depth research on cat nutrition. There is a cat food composition chart on the website as well which will help you find high protein/low carb cat food. It was referenced in the article above as well. It appears your cat is getting too much fish and the diet is not complete with proper nutrients for a cat. Wet cat food is high in moisture and helps to flush out their system. I have had cats my entire life and they are all on a high protein (meat protein not plant/vegetable protein)/ low carbohydrate diet. I feed almost no fish and limit the amount of beef as well. Most dry food is high is carbs, calories, low moisture content and has terrible ingredients. Reference this dry food comparison chart: . The chart is updated with new foods all the time. If I feed any dry I feed EVO but my cats eat mostly wet food. Rad Cat makes a good raw cat food as well that we include in the rotation. Hope this helps. Let me know if you want any additional help. I firmly believe once your cat is on the correct diet all problems will resolve themselves.
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Hello Frederic, I would like to talk about your cats calories needs first. In general an active adult cat needs about 30 calories per pound per day. A cup of dry food contains 300 calories and a 6 Oz can of canned food about 250 calories, so you can calculate if your cats are eating the right amount by dividing your cats weight by 30. Now if you want your female cat to lose weight you need to feed her less calories per day based on this numbers, the best rate for your cat to lose weight is from 1% to 2% of her weight by week, no more than that. Now about foods. In general dry foods aren’t very good for overweight cats but you can accomplish a good mixed diet for your cats combining dry and wet food and getting the best of both types. Dry food makes your cats feel satisfied with less, especially a cat food like Orijen that is highly concentrated in proteins and wet food gives your cats more water and crude proteins, essential for their nutritional needs and digestive system. You can find good quality canned foods such as Addiction, Authority, Avoderm, (they are expensive). I suggest you to start with a 70% canned wet food and a 30% dry food and the total amount of calories according of what you want for your cats, either to maintain their weights or make them lose weight. Compare the best cat food using expert ratings and consumer reviews in the ..Choosing the best cat food is a difficult taskUltimate Guide to Picking the Best Cat Food (With Reviews By A Vet!)
To guide you when choosing the best wet and dry cat foods, here is a complete list of meat-based cat foods best for your cats. The dry and wet cat foods are classified based on the first five major ingredients since they show up the greatest nutritional value in the cat food formula. The foods listed below are free from grain, while others have grains as their major ingredients. Other cat owners do not mind whether the cat food has grains, as long as the major ingredients are meat-based. Some also consider the percentage of crude protein in the food as well as the glycemic carbohydrate content before feeding it to their cats.Once you have determined that a food is complete and balanced, choosing between the types of food may be a matter of what your cat prefers. Some cats like canned food, some like dry food, and some like a combination of the two. Today's market offers many well-formulated foods for cats at all life stages, so you can choose the ones that work best for your cat. When you're shopping for a healthy food for your cat, reading the nutrition label on the packages is the best way to compare foods. Pet-food manufacturers are required to supply certain nutrition information on the package. Labeling regulations are established by the and the . All pet foods that carry an AAFCO approved nutritional guarantee, often referred to as the "AAFCO statement," are considered to be complete and balanced. These standards were formulated in the early 1990s by panels of experts on canine and feline nutrition. A food may be certified in two ways: (1) by meeting AAFCO's published standards for content, or (2) by passing feeding tests or trials. Most researchers agree that feeding tests are superior in assessing the nutritional adequacy of a food. Wellness offers a great choice with its complete grain free wet pate care food. Everyone can find something his cat will like because there are as many as 9 different flavors. Plus, there is a best sellers variety pack if you want to try a bit of everything. You can also choose the size of cans (3, 5.5 or 12.5 ounce). They come in packs of either 12,24 or 30.