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Welcome to For Cats Only, the best exclusively feline veterinary hospital in West Palm Beach, FL!
In order to provide you and your feline companions with the best care possible, our practice focuses solely on cats. Due to the many recent advances in veterinary medicine, we feel that such focus enables us to provide our patients with the most complete and sophisticated care possible.
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The staff at Argay Cat Clinic/Hospital for Cats strives to provide the best quality veterinary medical and surgical care for your feline friend. We couple this with a truly caring attitude and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to keep your kitten or cat healthy and safe.

Argay Cat Clinic/Hospital for Cats serves cats and their owners in the area. The hospital is set up for both complete outpatient and in-patient hospital care for your cats. We can provide vaccinations, sterilization procedures, radiology, ultrasound, long term feeding tube placement for anorexia and kidney failure support, thyroid surgery, nail trims, and mat removal. Argay Cat Clinic/Hospital for Cats also provides a full range of in-hospital laboratory services for your pet. We are happy to consult with you on difficult cases, but we are not too proud to utilize the expertise of other specialists when it is time to refer.

Our anesthesia service includes respiratory, cardiac, blood pressure monitoring, and intravenous support. We have over 38 years of experience in using safe general anesthesia. If your loved one needs surgery or a dental procedure and you are worried about safety, your best friend is in good hands.
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The Complete Cat Veterinary Clinic was the very first exclusive cat hospital in the state of Ct. We have been taking care of your feline friends for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give your cats and the expertise we have to ensure the very best care.Best of the Best 2015! Established by Dr. Cathy Ortloff in 2001, Purrfect Health Cat Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital dedicated to the finest in feline health care. Our quiet, comfortable environment is designed to cater exclusively to the unique needs and nature of cats. All of our staff members are devoted cat lovers, and will care for your special feline friends like one of our own. We are proud to serve cats living in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Parker and all over the Denver Metro area.The staff at Abbeywood Cat Hospital makes preventative care and general wellness our primary priority, as we know that with regular checkups, our veterinarians can spot problems before they become more difficult - and more costly - to treat. Regular veterinary checkups help ensure a long, happy life, and also mean peace of mind for you, the cat owner. Our caring veterinarian team, which includes one of the only feline-exclusive board-certified surgeons in the country, is also on hand to ensure your cat gets the best possible treatment in every case, from any medical procedure, simple or complex.Most of us want to take our family cat to a veterinarian we can trust and one who will take the best care of our kitty. Some detective work before your first visit will be well rewarded by finding a…
Our feline only clinic is pleased to offer a wide variety of veterinary services! We are dedicated to providing your cat with the very best care and services available in the field of veterinary medicine todayAt the Cat Care Clinic, we believe your cat deserves the highest quality veterinary medical care available in a friendly, quiet, and relaxed setting. We want your cat to be as relaxed with us as they are with you at home and to provide the best care available.