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Cat urine is such a tricky cleaning issue that there’s a whole range of products dedicated to removing it. There are a few points to consider when making your choice. For starters, where is the stain? Fabric, carpet, hardwood? Many products are suitable for all of these but cleaners with hydrogen peroxide can lighten wood surfaces. If the stain is on a cushion or throw, the best course of action is to wash it with a . This works in the same way as the enzyme cleaners I’ll discuss below.
Use the best enzyme cleaner possible - inexpensive cleaners often require multiple uses before they remove the odor of cat urine.
I’ve tried all enzyme cleaners and by far the best is Bissell Eeeeew for Cats (black bottle, yellow label). I have had no luck with Simple Solution, Nature’s Miracle (what a disaster this one was!), Oxy Orange or most other enzyme products sold. After doing much research I discovered that professional crime scene cleaners (morbid, yes, efficient, huge yes!) use a 50/50 mixture of water and wintergreen alcohol or a 50/50 mixture of water and yellow colored Listerine (or generic yellow colored mouthwash. Do not use blue, green, clear or red mouthwash products.) I have had success with the Listerine/water combo in killing cat urine odors and my home smells nice. The alcohol mixture is good for hard surfaces but not painted surfaces as the paint will degrade. Use the best enzyme cleaner possible – inexpensive cleaners often require multiple uses before they remove the odor of cat urine.Pet Stain Remover & Enzyme Cleaner: Best Carpet Urine Cleaner For Dog And Cat Odor GUARANTEEDlooking for a product to remove cat urine and odors, the enzymatic cleaners are the best.
Homemade cat cleaners won’t always work 100 percent on cat pee. If you’re not getting the best results or if kitty seems to be coming back to the same spot, it’s time to try something different. The number one tip for cleaning cat pee is to use a , also called an . The label or ingredients will point out if the cleaner has enzymes in it. Enzymes break down the uric acid in pee and neutralize it. Uric acid is the hardest part of cat urine to clean! Regular cleaners may just temporarily cover up the smell or get rid of other parts of the urine without really affecting the uric acid.When selecting for a solution to eliminate cat’s urine and foul odor, enzyme cleaners are always the best one to look for. They kill organic elements present in cat’s urine which attracts them to keep coming back on the same spot all over again. You can find enzyme cleaners in the nearest pet stores or in the internet. The odor can be eliminated with cheap products and homemade solutions using vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide as mentioned earlier but it is not always 100% effective.The bacteria are formed whenever the urine dries. It causes a smell like ammonia. When the stain dissolves, it releases an organic compound called thiols that makes the smell strong and hardly remove. The urobilin is easier to clean. Urea, pheromones and creatinine can be removed with water. The best way to use enzyme cleaner on cat urine are the following:Cat urine can be toxic and cause respiratory problems, it stinks, and it’s definitely not something you want close to where you sleep. So if your cat happens to urinate on your mattress, you'll want to address the stain immediately. Your best bet for removing the urine and getting rid of the smell completely is an enzyme cleaner, which will break down the chemical bonds of the urine, or all-purpose cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. The key, however, is cleaning the urine as soon as possible and removing all traces of urine smells, otherwise the cat may mark the same area again.