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Hello Frederic, I would like to talk about your cats calories needs first. In general an active adult cat needs about 30 calories per pound per day. A cup of dry food contains 300 calories and a 6 Oz can of canned food about 250 calories, so you can calculate if your cats are eating the right amount by dividing your cats weight by 30. Now if you want your female cat to lose weight you need to feed her less calories per day based on this numbers, the best rate for your cat to lose weight is from 1% to 2% of her weight by week, no more than that. Now about foods. In general dry foods aren’t very good for overweight cats but you can accomplish a good mixed diet for your cats combining dry and wet food and getting the best of both types. Dry food makes your cats feel satisfied with less, especially a cat food like Orijen that is highly concentrated in proteins and wet food gives your cats more water and crude proteins, essential for their nutritional needs and digestive system. You can find good quality canned foods such as Addiction, Authority, Avoderm, (they are expensive). I suggest you to start with a 70% canned wet food and a 30% dry food and the total amount of calories according of what you want for your cats, either to maintain their weights or make them lose weight.
Give her the best cat food at every age. Find the latest information on cat nutrition and find tips for choosing the right adult cat for your feline friend.
Here are our top choices of quality canned food for maintenance in adults cats. Any of them could provide a sound basis for your cat's diet, or you could rotate brands and formulas. Several of these foods contain or other grains, though some people prefer a grain-free diet due to age and health issues. Younger cats in good health could likely eat these foods on occasion, but rotating to non-grain varieties would still be advised. Also, many of the foods have other highAs we all know, cats will sometimes turn up their noses today at yesterday's favorite. The bottom line is that the best food is wasted if your cat won't eat it, so don't be too focused on the numbers. Jump to Best Food For Adult Bengals - Many good quality cat foods will have a much higher percentage of proteinSep 14, 2016 - When bringing a kitten home, keep in mind that he has different nutritional needs than an adult cat;this guide will help you pick the best food.Core Wellness Grain Free Original Formula Cat Food
This is a specially designed kibble that makes it easier to grasp and then chew the food for Persian kittens.It is manufactured using highly digestible natural proteins combined with an adapted fiber content and prebiotics that help to strengthen the health of the Persian kitten’s digestive system.The blend is also fortified with a combination of Vitamins E, C, taurine and lutein and other antioxidants that help to maintain a strong and healthy immune system.With a number of tasty flavors, getting your Persian kitten hooked on Royal Canin should be an easy feat.The Royal Canin brand also distributes a special blend of best cat food for adult Persian cats.If you’re reading this, you probably own a furry little bundle of joy with an adorable name – and you’ve noticed that little bundle getting bigger and bigger. It’s nice to watch your kitten grow up, but you may wonder how to best go about transitioning from kitten food to adult cat food.Having analyzed dozens of cat foods, read many ratings and reviews, We've come up with this top 10 list for you. But, different cats have different needs. That is why the list is divided into three sections. First, you will see the 4 top cat foods for adults, followed by the 3 best for kittens and concluding with the 3 for older cats.One respondent to our informal poll of favorite cat foods likened Purina One Smartblend to a preferred premium brand but for its cheaper price. Indeed, other Purina One Smartblend Adult Variety reviews also trumpet the low price while touting the strong cat appeal. The best thing about this dry cat food, say reviews at Walmart and , are the two happy customers -- pet and master. Several reviewers note that all the many cats in their care readily scarf it down and other cat food reviews cite health benefits that accrue after switching to this product -- a pet that no longer throws up, for example, and a once portly feline that's now in fit and fighting trim.This food is for all life stages, not only adult cats. So, if you have several cats of different ages, you won't need to buy them all personal food. This is also the only dry food that made it to this list of 4 best adult cat food. You will love the price and your cat will most likely like the taste.If you're looking for a product to try out on a fussy cat that costs less than a bundle but provides nutritional bang for the buck, the options on our list are a good place to start. We culled expert advice from the web, read online reviews, and informally polled cat owners we know. All point to the critical importance of nutritional value, the cat's own preferences, and price when choosing the best cheap cat food. Many cat food producers offer a variety of formulas for specific needs (e.g., hairball control, urinary tract health, weight control) and life stage (e.g., kitten, adult, senior). We researched standard formula cat food for adult cats.