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The typical cat (if there is such a thing) needs about 1000 mg of taurine for every 2.2 pounds of food, or roughly 100 mg per day. There's a reason your kitty is not a vegetarian. Vegetables contain almost no measurable amounts of taurine. There's also a reason your cat prefers raw meat sources over cooked ones. It's because cooking destroys up to 2/3 of the taurine content in foods. So trust your kitty's appetite, and feed him a raw food diet of beef, lamb, chicken, fish, or shrimp. You also can add small amounts (1/2 teaspoon per serving) of nutritional yeast to your cat's diet to supplement his taurine intake if he is a particularly finicky eater.
Raw Paws Ground Beef Green Tripe for Dogs & Cats
Before you hem and haw, you’re right, corned beef and cabbage is not at all a common Irish staple, nor was it ever. In times now long past, bacon and cabbage may have been eaten on a semi-regular basis by rural Irish, but only because cows were utilized mostly as dairy animals, and because pork was more readily available. Regardless, in America, at least, preparing corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day is certainly a tradition. The question is, wherever you may be, can you share any part of this feast with your cats? Raw Paws Complete Ground Beef for Dogs & CatsRaw Paws Freeze Dried Green Beef Tripe Mini-Nuggets for Dogs & CatsRaw Paws Freeze Dried Complete Green Beef Tripe Pet Food for Dogs & Cats, 16 oz
Third, cats do not have the capability to createtaurine from methionine and cysteine, like dogs do. This means that acat must ingest sufficient taurine in order to meet its taurinerequirements. The excellent news is that taurine is found in virtuallyall meats, especially beef heart. By feeding a cat a raw diet, the catshould receive the best, most bioavailable form of taurine via itsfood. There is one proviso: do not grind the food. Grinding increasesthe surface area of the meat and thus exposes more of the "good stuff"to the air. This results in oxidation of taurine and a resultantdecrease in overall taurine available to the cat. Additionally,grinding creates the perfect environment for bacteria growth, andbacteria also utilize the taurine in the meat, thereby furtherdecreasing the total amount of taurine available to your cat. Thus, ifyou feed your cat a ground raw diet, it may not receive all the taurineit needs to thrive, as is the case with a group of kittens fed whole,ground raw rabbit in this .If you regularly feed ground raw to your cat (which I do not recommendunless your cat absolutely will not or cannot eat bones), then it isadvisable that you supplement with taurine using either fresh beefheart (unground) or a commercial taurine supplement.

When the meat cools, slice into small, thin strips for cats and bite-sized chunks for dogs. You can store the extra beef in the refrigerator but you should use it as soon as possible since you took the trouble to make a fresh meal. Feed cats about 2-3% of their body weight. Since mostcats are fairly small creatures compared to dogs, this may be 1/4-lb orless. I tend to think of my cat's food in terms of overall size—howmuch can she put into her little belly at a feeding? For my cat, themost she will get over the course of the day is one cornish game henbreast half with an attached wing. This is about an inch longer than mypalm, and is enough to make her belly completely full and even a littledistended. She will eat most of it in one sitting, and will then comeback for the rest within the hour. I do not feed her this amount everyday; after eating this much food she receives a smaller meal the nextday—maybe a game hen leg-thigh, or a meal of beef heart and liver.Organic/ specialty meats from the health food store
Health food stores offer a variety of free range, un-medicated meats like beef, buffalo, venison, chicken, turkey, and even emu. These meats are a great choice for your cat, for sustainable farming, and for the planet, but not affordable for everyone or for those with more than one or two cats.