#1 Cat’s Nose After Losing A Battle With A Bee

#9 My Roomates Cat Had A Fight With A Bee
For one thing, dosages can vary wildly between human and dog or cat. And before you even go there, keep in mind that a bee sting can often be treated with only a cold compress.
#12 So My Cat Was Stung In The Chin By A Bee Today And Ended Up Going Full Jay Leno
Wasps and hornets have a painful sting, but do not leave their stinger in the tissue of the cat. Although they do not leave their stinger unattached, they still inject venom the same way as the female honeybee does. The female bee is the only bee that stings. #30 My Cat Was Stung By A Bee On Her Paw#32 I Think My Cat Got A Bee Sting#33 Meet Bee, Just My Standard Issue Cat
Honey Bee is a rescue cat from Fiji who found her way to her forever home in America. This is her giving two foster blind kittens some advice on how to be a blind cat.It is helpful to know whether the sting was from a bee or wasp because the behavior of the insect and the treatment for the sting is different. Honey/bumble-bees are in one category and wasps, yellow-jackets and hornets are in the other.Cats love to chase things — and that definitely includes flying insects! Bees and wasps are particular hazards, since their buzzing noise further attracts a cat's attention. If a cat bites at a bee, the insect may attack the cat's face. If the cat swallows the insect, it may be stung on the tongue, gums or throat. A sting in the mouth, particularly on the tongue, can be very dangerous because the resulting swelling can block the air passage and the cat may suffocate!If the cat has been stung by a bee, you may be able to lessen the effects of the sting if you can locate the tiny, dark dart of poison left behind and remove it. Gripping the stinger with tweezers to remove it may inject the poison, so care should be taken that you do not squeeze the sac of venom into the skin. Just like people, a cat may be allergic to bee and/or wasp stings. If allergic to the venom from the sting, the cat may collapse (anaphylactic shock). If you think your cat may have been stung in the mouth area, check that the airway is clear. Place an ice cube in the cat's mouth to reduce swelling and immediately rush the cat to veterinarian. The veterinarian can administer cat-specific antihistamines and treat the cat for shock.Meet Honey Bee, a blind cat from Fiji with a beautiful spirit and a wonderful message of hope. Once upon a time Honey Bee lived at an animal shelter called Animals Fiji, but today she happily lives with her 2 loving humans and 4 other cats all the way in Seattle. After first adopting a blind cat, her owners likely didn’t know what to expect, but turns out Honey Bee is just like any other cat with eyes. Actually, Honey Bee is arguably WAY more incredible.There is very little that you can do to prevent this risk. Even an indoor cat can be stung if a bee or wasp finds its way into the home. Be alert to a cat showing interest in "something", especially on the window. Insects of all sorts present an irresistible temptation. Those that pass by are always amazed to see a cat out hiking. Honey Bee doesn’t mind, she’s too busy listening to the sounds of the water, one of her favorite things to do when hiking.