Alright, it's not really a "cat" bed.

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Keep your little kitty warm during the cold winter months with these great Electric Heated Cat Beds. Heated beds are recommended by veterinarians for all cats. Although some think of a heated cat bed as an indulgent luxury for pampered pets, it really is a necessity for all cats, especially those who live where the winters are cool.
It is actually a doll's bed from Ikea, but it makes a purr-fect lounge for kitty-cats too!
Next you need to consider the bed's smell. When bringing a new bed into the home for your cat, bear in mind it's absolutely covered in smells your cat won't be used to or like. In order to improve its attractiveness, try covering the bed in an item of your clothing or place some of your kitty's toys inside the bed. This will help make the bed more appealing and familiar. Remember, it may take around 24 hours for your cat to consider sleeping there. Totally nifty, simple DIY hanging cat bed window perch seat! @doreencagno Hymns and VersesCool places for kitties to go. Creative Cat Houses and Cool Cat Bed Designs (21) 17Because kitties love to be comfy too, treat your cat to a bed that so them.
Our pets are our children and we want them to be as happy and comfortable as possible, and if your pet is a cat and you live in a modern home, you cat will want to hang out with you in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and anywhere else you spend time. This means that your choice of cat bed will either look beautiful in your space, or not so much. To help you find the right choice for your home we have put together a selection of 20 chic and cozy cat beds, from natural wood finishes to bright and sassy colors in a variety of materials and looks. Read on for ideas and sources.Some cats like their beds to be part of a multi functional unit, like the . This structure is a climbing facility, a scratching post and an elevated, covered, lambs wool hammock.♥ DIY Cat Stuff ♥ DIY Pinspiration: Wooden crate cat bed and scratching post. No instructions but looks pretty simple... 2 crates, wood posts, rope and a carpet covered base.Need to bring some style and functionality to the life of your cat? These cat toys, beds, pods, and fixtures leave clunky, cheesy and cartoon-printed cat furnitAnother geometric designed cat bed is The Cube by Meyou Paris. is a powder coated steel frame that holds a soft, woven cotton globe, like a giant ball of yarn that has been hollowed out, and we all know how much cat’s love balls of yarn!We all know that . They also have a way of taking over your favorite chair, your place on the sofa, or even your bed. Then you feel guilty about moving them, since they’re so cute and so deeply asleep. But don’t worry, we have a solution – the very best cat beds available.Oversized knitting has been showing up everywhere in home decor so it stands to reason that it would also show up in the form of a cat bed. This design is made using giant needles from 100% merino wool.Even though your cat may sleep in that box that just came in the mail, you’ll still want to check out this cat furniture. We’ve found the best cat beds on Amazon for easy pet product shopping.