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It’s very interesting reading as you have many products that we don’t have in Australia. Also, the costs of the different types of litter over here is not the same. The most expensive are the crystals, although there are a few types and price varies according to brand – they all work the same, next are the newspaper pellets and then a number of clay-based products. I actually use the Woolworths brand of the clay-based as I have found it to be the most cost-efficient and best to use: the Coles brand produces a lot of dust. I have 3 cats and I scoop every night and completely clean/replace the the litter each morning. I rotate 2 trays, hose out and scrub the dirty one and let it dry naturally before swapping it for the other. I put approximately 3-4cm of litter in the tray. I don’t use any type of disinfectant as my furbabies don’t like the smell. The only time their litter smells is when one of them is actually going, and sometimes the next few minutes. I think I’ll try the baking soda ideas: some sprinkled in the tray and an open box beside the tray, to see how it works. Thanks for all your ideas!
I use baking soda for baking.To keep cat odors under control I use a clumping litter and scoop it daily.
After cleaning the stinky cat litter that somehow the cat managed to get all the way in the living room with baking soda, you know the solution – more baking soda. Sprinkle it on the carpet – which may also be stinky. Let it sit there in the carpet, working its magic for about an hour. Then vacuum it up. With this solution, you get two things cleaned simultaneously. Amazing, isn’t it? Mix a bit of baking soda, known for its odor-absorbing properties, in with the cat's litterNov 10, 2015 - I've been adding baking soda to my cats' litter boxes for yearsBefore going into the cat room, arm yourself with a box of baking soda and sprinkle it into the kitty litter each morning
This chemical reaction is how baking soda deodorizes cat urine and many other smells. Any odor that baking soda itself may give off is inoffensive to cats and using it around the litter box won’t discourage them from using the box. To help hold down odors around your kitty’s litter box, every time you change the litter, sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of the litter box before you add fresh litter.The secret to Lowe's Kitty Litter is granulated Fuller's earth. Fuller's earth is actually a catchall term for a chemically diverse set of absorbent clay minerals capable of absorbing their weight in water. Fuller's earth litters naturally provide some odor control by sequestering urine. But if the soiled litter isn't replaced and urine begins to collect at the bottom of the box, bacteria found in feces will convert the uric acid in cat urine into unpleasant-smelling ammonia. Fuller's earth litters can alleviate some of the ammonia odor by trapping the positively charged ammonium ions that are formed when water in urine protonates the ammonia. To improve odor control, cat litter manufacturers use a number of additives, including baking soda to absorb smells, fragrances to mask unpleasant scents, and antibacterial agents to kill odor-causing bacteria.Baking soda can help you clean up kitty’s little “accidents” outside the box, too. In Cat Urine Problems Eliminated’s Recipe #1 for lighter stains, you can add baking soda to make the solution less running. This is useful if you need to apply the cleaner to a small area and don’t want it spreading all over the whole item. While making your own litter might sound like a good idea, homemade litter has some disadvantages. Materials like sand and soil might cause a mess around the house. Some options, like the shredded newspaper idea formula, may simply be too time-consuming to prepare. Commercial cat litter often contain deodorizers or odor absorbers such as baking soda. Without those additives, your homemade litter might not be strong enough to prevent odors from taking over the house.Cat urine starts to smell like ammonia very quickly. Bacteria starts breaking urine down immediately, urine contains nitrates, which are the essential building blocks of ammonia. And the ammonia is what smells. What neutralizes ammonia? Baking Soda. Baking Soda’s deodorization power is a result of its ability to absorb and neutralize odor, rather than only covering it up. Included in my Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet package is a baking soda box holder that mounts (screws included) under the Top Lid, each time the Top Lid is opened, the baking soda is mixed. A baking soda box slides in and out easily for replacement. My Odor Absorber Holder can be use with any litter box cabinet. You will need to pick up a few boxes of firdg and frezor” baking soda boxes to use with the holder.This is our Premium Choice Extra Strength with Baking Soda Cat Litter Review. Premium Choice Extra Strength with Baking Soda cat litter is advertised as bumping up the odor control a notch from their original clumping litter through the inclusion of powerful baking soda. In addition, superior absorption, low tracking, and low dust is offered while still being acceptable for multi-cat boxes and for cats who might be sensitive to fragrances. This product is available in 16-pound jugs and 25 and 50-pound bags.