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Babycat’s best friend Cat Agent is “On Vacation”
Hang in there, Baby is a popular catchphrase and . There were several versions of the "Hang In There, Baby" poster, featuring a picture of a cat or kitten, hanging on to a stick, tree branch, pole or rope. The original poster featured a black and white photograph of a clinging to a bamboo pole and was first published in late 1971 as a poster by photographer . It has since become a popular relic of the 1970s.
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Although we know that cats and babies can co-exist harmoniously in the same family, there are still precautions that new or expecting parents can take to help safeguard both baby and feline. Here’s six ways to prepare your cat for a new baby:mommy baby #cat #kitten - Click image to find more animals Pinterest pinsAh, young love! This cat is clearly enamored by its adorable baby friend.
Hey followers, sorry to bother you, but I’ve started a tumblr for all things CAT AGENT and will no longer be posting things here (except for Babycat of course) so if you wanna keep track of Cat Agent’s future exploits, click this link:Get your cat used to baby sounds by playing recordings or YouTube videos of crying or babbling, and turn on any noisy gadgets like ambient noise machines, swings, etc. well before the baby arrives. Try to make these experiences pleasant by petting your cat and/or giving him a treat at the same time.All right, that’s it. If you didn’t click any of these, you will never hear about CAT AGENT ever again. (and you will also have broken my heart) Thanks for reading this and stay tuned for new Babycats. 5. The Initial Meeting. Once the baby is born, ask a friend or family member to take one of the newborn’s used blankets or onesies from the hospital to put in your cat’s crate or bed so that he can become familiar with the baby’s scent. Then, when you bring your baby home, ask someone to stay outside with your baby while you go inside to greet your cat. Spend some time with him, giving him lots of love and attention, and then go outside and bring in your newest bundle of joy. Though the cat may initially run away, he will eventually come back. Allow the cat to investigate, but also set healthy boundaries. Since new babies can’t control their head movements or roll over, a snuggly cat can be dangerous, and a stressed out cat may pee in the crib. So, if he is showing interest in jumping into the crib, consider getting a crib tent to keep him out.Consider carrying a swaddled baby doll around the house to get the cat used to the presence of a baby, and invite over friends and family members who have babies. Always supervise any interactions between your cat and a baby, and never force it. If your cat chooses to stay away, let him, as it could be a sign that he’s stressed.A new baby is an adjustment for all family members, including pets. Cats love routine and consistency and we should never assume they will automatically adapt when an infant makes the scene. Assuming you’ll have to re-home your cat is a big mistake. Kitty is still an important part of the family and careful planning will help her adjust to the new living conditions.