This automatic laser toy will have your cat bouncing off the walls.

Kitty Cat Dance Club an automatic laser toy for cats. Read our Kitty Cat Dance Club review.
has two automatic laser toys, the BOLT and the DART. I could not find the power settings for these toys on their website, so I contacted Petsafe (the owner of Frolicat) and recieved the following response via email on Sept 5, 2014.
Need this or something like it for BC. CatBot, An Automated Cat Laser Toy.
These types of cat toys often involve batteries and a crazed cat running all around your house. Electronic toys can run automatically or through a remote control – depending on the model you buy for your furry friend. Standard electronic cat toys include remote control mice and zany moving balls. Some of the most popular examples in this grouping are laser pointers used to drive your cat crazy. Arduino-Based Laser Controlled Wireless Automatic Cat FeederCheetahBeam - the DIY automatic cat laser toy by FluxAxiom is licensed under the  license.An AUTOMATED CAT LASER - build it yourself :)
Called the , this toy runs on four AA batteries and will randomly display a red laser for your cats to pursue. It has both an automatic and a manual mode, so you can let the toy do the work or hop in whenever you feel ready.There aren’t nearly as many automatic cat laser lights on the market as hand-held versions, so Kitty Cat Dance Club fills a void which some cat owners will appreciate.While the traditional cat laser is a hand-held pencil-like device which the owner must wave around in order to entertain their cat, Kitty Cat Dance Club is completely automatic. You simply attach the device to a table, desk, or chair, and your cat will be entertained.It's great for that need play time while you're busy. For instance, my cat is always begging for me to stop using the computer. Turning on the BOLT can give him some play stimulation that I don't have to be actively involved in other than supervision. The laser will shut off after 15 minutes. The laser patterns generated in automatic mode are interesting and varied enough to keep the attention of most cats.When it comes to cats, one thing is for certain: They love countless hours of laser chasing. Unfortunately, as a pet owner, there is only so much time in the day to spend twirling around a pointer catering to its innate prey drive. That is why a Maker by the name of Joe , an automated cat laser.Arduino-based laser turret/automatic cat toy using a pan-tiltrig () and laser diode(). Random laser path, speedand pauses determined by homebrew Markov chain algorithm.That said, it was time to take this laser obsession up a notch and we invested in FroliCat's Bolt, an automatic laser toy which projects the laser beam from point to point all over the room with a press of a button. The zig-zagged and fast-paced movement allows humans to sit back and watch their cat go nuts. As per , "Pets love the random patterns they can chase across the floor, up the walls, and over furniture." Just be sure your cat doesn't destroy the couch! Consider spraying your sofas and chairs with safe-for-cats . A Word of Caution:
While the automatic laser is quite handy, you need to supervise your cat while playing. The toy uses laser radiation, and cats and people alike shouldn't let it come in contact with their eyes. One disadvantage of the automatic mode is that the beam can automatically shine at tall heights if you adjust the lever that way. I tend to keep the lever adjusted so that the beam will shine closer to the floor, away from human eyes. I also supervise my cat to make sure the light isn't shining in his eyes. However, most cats move too quickly for that.