This automatic cat flap functions only with RFID collar tag

SureFlap DualScan () is an automatic microchip cat door with a double antenna feature.
Through urban legend, Sir Isaac Newton has been credited with the invention of the pet door through his actions of cutting large holes in his walls for his adult cat and kittens. Since that time, the product has been marketed in several different forms that include manual and hinged flaps, saloon-style operation, and fully automatic doors offering the most cutting-edge technology to keep your home safe for both you and your furry friend.
Also featured is the Electronic Cat Door, Magnetic Cat Flap, Automatic Cat Doors, electric dog door, electronic doggie door, and Kitty Door.
Hi Wendy, I don’t see in the UK automatic wet food feeders what work with tags but you can create a special feeding station with microchip flap for the cat that does not get to eat. You can see about it. Staywell Pet Doors offers a wide range of options with the Magnetic Cat Flap, Automatic Cat Doors, and Kitty Door.I had pretty much all the bits I needed, so I set about building an automatic cat flap monitorItems 1 - 8 of 8 - Cat Doors - Flap Doors, Automatic Doors, Patio Doors & Smart Doors for Cats
These reasons and more are exactly whey the microchip cat flap and electronic dog door were invented. These electronic doors go by several other names as well. Perhaps you have heard them called automatic dog doors, magnetic cat flaps, electronic pet door, power pet door, RFID dog door and more. Whatever you decide to call it, they all have the same concept, which is to let you pet in and out of your house automatically.The project was to realize an automatic Catflap. It consisted to monitor the movement of the cat. We are four students to work on this project, each student should develop a part for his final project. We will watch the movement of the cat and note-down the comings and goings. Finally we must arrange three different style of Catflap.First up on my list for best electronic pet door is the Sureflap Microchip Pet Door. This Sureflap Pet Door was first introduced to the U.K. and did so well it made its way to the U.S. This model is a personal favorite of mine as a cat owner as it uses the veterinarian inserted microchip that contains an RFID chip that automatically opens the electronic pet door.Of the many new gadgets to help you go green that were on offer at London's Ecobuild 2014 last week, one of the standout innovations was from Petwalk. The company's new, highly-insulated, automated pet door lets pets move in and out of the house at will, without squeezing through small openings or knocking on a plastic flap. It opens and closes electronically without being pushed open by a dog or cat, or by anyone else. Once closed, the doors form a draught-free seal that conforms to Passive House standards for thermal exclusion. Petwalk also offers a range of sophisticated extras.In this project , I have set the lcd shield pushbutton to control electromagnet, and control three different modes of the automatic cat flap. With Arduino I can write a sketch for setting. Each pushbutton has a defined mode. We also went to the shop to install the automatic cat flap in a board wood. After long search on the web, understanding some keywords of C language, I could write the sketch for the lcd shieldWe have not quite finished our automatic Catflap, we have a few small things to do, but it is an interesting and rewarding project and I hope we reach the end.