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Luckily, in today’s Internet age, there were plenty of online reviews available for a few of the models he recommended, and I was able to choose the automatic feeder that I thought would be best for my cat’s needs — a combo pack that featured both a food and water dispenser.
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Hi Bryce, I am sorry about the bad experience with the Cat Mate C50. Regarding the Petsafe 5 Meal, I could not guarantee you that your determined girl won’t try to break into the unit, but what I can tell you is that this automatic feeder is the best rated in the category of dish-feeders and I know the mechanism is harder to defeat than other devices.
If you decide to try it, my suggestion is to never put food in the feeder in front of your cat and if you are concern of your cat trying to get the food manipulating the unit with her paws, try to place the food in the 3rd tray and then the 4th so you will be able to feed your cat 2 times a day. This is an extreme solution for very smart cats. Good luck Bryce! Automatic pet feeder for dogs and catsAuto-feeders for a clever cat - cats autofeeder food | Ask MetaFilterCatzenpup: WET FOOD Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats & Dogs
As a vet I have my concerns about the use of automatic pet feeders if people use them as an excuse to go on holidays and leave their furry friends unattended. I see too many blocked cats that have suffered because their owners missed that they weren’t using the litter tray. That being said, almost 50% of our pets are overweight and many of my clients are sick of me nagging them and really struggle to. This is where I really see the potential for an automatic feeder like the .Of course the limitation with the automatic feeders is that you can’t store meat or wet food in there. As a vet I am a big advocate of raw meat and high protein foods for cats. Most dry food is incredibly calorie dense and has a much higher carbohydrate composition than is ideal for cats. When selecting a dry food, find one that has as much meat protein as possible, definitely not corn, soy or other grains first on the list of ingredients. The Petnet(io) SmartFeeder technology can also help with food selection. It is connected to a database of thousands of pet foods and can help you choose foods that are higher in meat protein and without fillers and artificial ingredients.This is where the automatic pet feeder comes into its own. There is no real magic to weight loss. Simply move more, eat less. But even for people this simple formula can be troublesome. The traditional hunter that would sleep then hunt has been replaced by a sedentary being who no longer needs to do those short bursts of hunting activity up to 7 times daily to survive. The most exercise many cats get is walking to the food bowl then seeking another sunny spot to rest in. Not ideal for the waistline. As you can see, just like their human counterparts, animals kept as pets are struggling with weight gain and its effects. Because automated feeders regulate the amount of food served, while also transferring the duty of feeding itself (cutting down on begging), cats and dogs quickly acclimate to a specific schedule of feeding, and in time setting modest portion feed times throughout the day can result in marked changes. In many ways, this automated portion control mirrors what nutritionists and trainers recommend for people seeking healthier dietary habits: eat more often, but in smaller portions, all throughout the day on a set schedule.

Before purchasing an automated feeder, consider these few factors:This is where the automatic pet feeding device is delivered in its own. There is not the . Just move more, eat less. But even for people this simple formula can be problematic. The traditional hunter who chased the sleep then was replaced by a sedentary being who no longer needs to make these short bursts of hunting activity up to 7 times a day to survive. The more exercise that many cats will walk into the food bowl, then look for another sunny place to rest in. Not ideal for size.One of our favorite parts about automated cat feeders, though, is that it stops cats from begging for food. How often have you been awakened by your cat a good hour before the alarm goes off? It’s hard to blame your cat; he wants to eat and knows who’s in charge of that magical appearance of food.