Timed feeders let you set meal schedules

Pet Watch Automatic pet feeder with digital timer allows you to feed your cat up ..
Petsafe 2-meal automatic pet feeder isn’t perfect, but can get the job done if you’re looking for an inexpensive feeder. The product is lightweight so if your cat is highly food motivated, smart or aggressive, this unit it is not for your cat. Timers on this feeder are not accurate, so it would not work if you need very precise feeding times or to feed two cats with one tray each.
Automatic cat feeder, CSF-3, combo 17a, with stand, bowl and analog timer for 1 to 48 meals per day perfect to feed small pets.
If you have a big and overweight pet, you have to invest in a good food dispenser, that has an automatic unit with a timer. It will allow your cat or to eat at the right time and only the right amount of food. With this type of feeder, you can use it to feed the pet three times daily (morning, noon and evening). Considering this will help ensure that your cat remains nourished and healthy. CE Compass Automatic Pet Feeder for Cat Dog Animal with Wifi & App for iOS Android, Programmable Timer, Portion Control, Live Video Camera.Manage your pet's meals & waistline with an automatic feeder.Best 15 Automatic Cat Feeder Comparison Chart
The basic machine holds 3/4 cup of flakes and or pellets, whichcoupled with the two supplied 2-cup hopperextensions will give you over a quart of food reserve. The supplied metal mounting bracket is designed to be mountedto a 2x4 or 4x4, attached to a wall or a small platform as pictured above. It can also be mounted toa metal or PVC pipe. The feeder comes with a low voltage power adapter that canbe plugged into any 24-Hr lamp timer or digital timer for accuratetime keeping, which you may already have in your possession. We have a whole array of timers with can be purchased by themselves or to best suit your application if youdo not have one. It can even be powered and triggered by a home automation system. By special request we can even leave the internal feed timer out of the feeder for people with their own power and timing system. Base model is 7" long x 3 1/4" wide x 4 7/8" tall. Each extension is 3.9" tall and holds 2 cups of food. The CSF-3XL and the CSF-3XL with one clear extension are apprx. 21 inches tall.The PetSafe 5 Pet Feeder is an auto feeder for cats. This device can feed your pet at least5 times every day, although just 4 of the meals are programmable. This automatic cat feeder for soft food may help prevent your pet from overeating. And with its digital timer, you can choose a good feeding schedule and allow one hour increments in between each meal.This popular automatic cat Super Feeder® combo features a special dishwasher-safe bowl made with a special high-grade kitchenware material known as SAN by Kibisan® and especially designed to spread kibbles for better food access to pets. It also features new high quality and practically indestructible polycarbonate 2-cup clear extensions. It comes with the ACAT-23 analog timer which is very easy to program using tiny pins to trigger the feeder up to 48 times per day. The metal black powder coated mounting bracket and strap attach the feeder to the compact heavy-duty black ABS base and tower. The Super Feeder® could also be used with a home automation system and/or web based system. . Its capacity can be increased later with extra 2-cup clear extensions or 1.5 gallon hopper available from Super-Feed®. If you have a really aggressive "locksmith" cat when it comes to trying to get to the food, . You can trigger multiple feeders at a time with one timer! Not only is it extremely dependable, versatile and easy to operate, but it comes with personalized customer support. It only needs minor assembly with only a supplied screwdriver. Proudly made in USA, try one, you'll love it as many other pet owners do! Its compact size mounted is and is normally placed backed up to a wall, cabinet or across a corner wall. Most importantly, compared to others, it could also be mounted to a wall or your very own mount using a piece of lumber instead of the supplied short stand for that smart and highly mischievous cat! Do not install this particular feeder with stand outdoors not properly protected (check out combos 23 and 23a). This stand set up is intended for INDOOR use only. Voltage required: Power supply (supplied) 110-240VAC 50-60Hz 12VDC output, all timers 120V 60Hz- Wi-Fi Socket 110V-240VAC 50-60Hz. USA style plugs only-not battery operated.For an overweight cat, buy a food dispenser with an automatic unit that has a timer. Ensure that your pet eats on time, and eat only the recommended amount. The feeder can be set to feed your pet 3 times a day. A cat feeder for small portions may also help fix this problem.