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Have you fed your cat any of the Authority cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Authority cat food!
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I have had cats most of the eighty years I have been raising cats.
I look for defin ite signs of health and energy in each one of my furry friends.
One of my cats was losing weight, hair thinning, eyes were not bright and alert.
I went to a woman who takes in feral cats and raises babies till they can be adopted into a forever home and she highly recommended Authority canned food till they are ready for the dry cat food.
I can not tell you what a difference this has made with both cats
one a senior and one who just turned one year old.
Their coats are thick, shiny, they are full of energy.
There is no regurgitation with this food.
I highly say if you want to treat your cats with loving, healthy care, Authority is the only one I would tell people to buy for their cats. Authority Hairball Control Adult Cat Food - Chicken Review - CatFoodDBAuthority Adult Cat Food - Salmon & Rice Review - CatFoodDBAuthority Grain Free Adult Cat Food - Chicken & Potato Review
You can feed the Authority until it runs out and then the Simply Nourish. Keep life interesting and switch it up! The cats will appreciate it 😉 However, food lasts forever unopened, so stock up while it’s on sale!The company who makes Authority cat food is called PetSmart. PetSmart is a retail store that sells a variety of pet foods, pet care products and other pet supplies. PetSmart was founded in 1986, and was previously called PETsMART. Aside from producing Authority pet food, PetSmart also produces Sophisticat brand cat food. Sophisticat is more of a “budget” brand, while Authority is PetSmart’s higher quality brand of cat food.Customer reviews of Authority brand dry cat food are fairly mixed. While many consumers report that they are able to feed their cats Authority cat food without any problems, some consumers report that their cats experience digestive problems when being fed Authority brand cat food. This could quite possibly be because of the corn-based ingredients that are included in all of Authority's dry cat food formulas.My cat himalayan /siamese has a very sensitive stomach! He is a rescue kitty so we had no idea what he previously ate. I tried Iams and different purina types only to have him start throwing up constantly after 3 to 4 days. I am thrilled to say that @ almost 9 days on authority he has only thrown up once (paper ) I am so very happy with this food! His coat is silky soft and I am relieved to say he has even started to play! You can actually see a difference right away!Customer reviews of Authority cat food are generally negative. For the price of Authority cat food, some cat owners have argued that they could purchase a much higher quality formula. The inclusion of corn was a commonly cited negative factor for many consumers. However, some cat owners reported that they were able to feed Authority brand cat food to their cat without any significant health problems.