The brand has been in existence since 1995

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I believe that after the whole recall fiasco in 2007, there have been some pretty major changes to the supply chain when it comes to the foods. I do have Authority in my rotation. I feed the best food I can afford that my cats will eat. I try to avoid corn in my foods, and if there are carbs, I would prefer it to be wheat or rice. I have given them high end Evo and Innova and they turn their little noses up at it, but I find if I switch up the not so good foods with the better foods its a better compromise.
Pet Food Recalls. Stay up to date with Petfood Industry's list of US and international cat and dog food, pet treat and companion animal feed recalls. According to FDA, pet food can be recalled by a manufacturer to remove product from the market, by FDA request or by FDA order under statutory authority.
One person seemed to be upset because s/he noticed that Authority contained copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is not harmful to your pet as long as it is included in pet food in the proper amount. You’ll notice that pet foods have lots of minerals in them, in different forms. You already know that your cat needs certain vitamins, plus taurine and other essentials. Copper sulfate is no different. It’s just part of the nutrients that your cat needs to stay healthy. Occasionally a pet food company can make an error and there is too much or not enough of some vitamin or mineral in a food, in which case a recall is issued because of the excess or deficiency. But with few exceptions, most of the vitamins and minerals in your cat’s food are very standard and they are not harmful. If you have concerns about copper sulfate, by Dr. Greg Aldrich, PhD is recommended. about pet food ingredients, if you are interested in the topic. Authority Cat Food Recall 2010Jan 8, 2011 - Authority cat food was one of the brands that was affected by the 2007 pet food recalls in relation to melamine contaminationCat Food Recalls. Americas Choice, Preferred Pet Authority Best Choice Blue Buffalo Co (RICE GLUTEN) Cats Choice Co-Op Gold Companion Compliments
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Science Diet (The recall affects only 3-ounce and 5.5-ounce cans of Kitten Savory Cuts Ocean Fish; 5.5-ounce cans of Feline Adult Savory Cuts Beef, Chicken and Ocean Fish, and 5.5-ounce cans of Feline Senior Savory Cuts Chicken.)
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Winn Dixie» Americas Choice, Preferred Pets; Authority; Best Choice; Companion; Compliments; Demoulas Market Basket; Eukanuba; Fine Feline Cat; Food Lion; Foodtown; Giant Companion; Hannaford; Hill Country Fare; Hy-Vee; Iams; Key Food; Laura Lynn; Li'l Red; Loving Meals; Meijers Main Choice; Nutriplan; Nutro Max Gourmet Classics; Nutro Natural Choice; Paws; Pet Pride; Presidents Choice; Price Chopper; Priority; Save-A-Lot; Schnucks; Science Diet (The recall affects only 3-ounce and 5.5-ounce cans of Kitten Savory Cuts Ocean Fish; 5.5-ounce cans of Feline Adult Savory Cuts Beef, Chicken and Ocean Fish, and 5.5-ounce cans of Feline Senior Savory Cuts Chicken.); Sophisticat; Special Kitty Canada; Special Kitty US; Springfield Prize; Sprout; Total Pet, My True Friend; Wegmans; Western Family; White Rose; Winn Dixie.i USE aUTHORITY EXCLUSIVELY FOR MY TWO CATS.
I have had cats most of the eighty years I have been raising cats.
I look for defin ite signs of health and energy in each one of my furry friends.
One of my cats was losing weight, hair thinning, eyes were not bright and alert.
I went to a woman who takes in feral cats and raises babies till they can be adopted into a forever home and she highly recommended Authority canned food till they are ready for the dry cat food.
I can not tell you what a difference this has made with both cats
one a senior and one who just turned one year old.
Their coats are thick, shiny, they are full of energy.
There is no regurgitation with this food.
I highly say if you want to treat your cats with loving, healthy care, Authority is the only one I would tell people to buy for their cats.You can feed the Authority until it runs out and then the Simply Nourish. Keep life interesting and switch it up! The cats will appreciate it 😉 However, food lasts forever unopened, so stock up while it’s on sale!