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Well, the Authority chicken and rice seems to have madea big difference.
I too don’t normally post on sites but this one warranted a post. We have a 10 month old Great Dane/Great Pyrenees mix who we have been feeding Authority Large Breed Puppy for the 5 months that we have had him. At the beginning of June we started to have problems, his stool started to get looser and looser over the course of 3 days. To the point of projectile movements across the yard. At least a 5 foot distance. After a visit to our vet, several stool samples and an emergency change in food to sort out the problems. We discovered that although made in the states Authority “May buy its ingredients from another location” as per a suggested statement from our vet. It has been a month now and $800 later in vet bills and MacLeod is now putting on the weight he lost and is almost back to being the pup he was before all this.
Authority Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food provides a mix of ingredients that adhere to the life of an indoor feline
We do remind you that the Authority cat foods contain Sodium Hexametaphosphate (along with Eukanuba foods). If this ingredient bothers you, just find another food. It’s not widely used in pet foods and some people do have concerns about it. But Eukanuba and PetSmart/Authority sell a lot of pet food that contains it, so it doesn’t seem to bother some people. And your cat will probably have pretty white teeth. Overall, Authority Kitten Food - Chicken is an average cat food, earning 6 out of a possible 10 paws based on its nutritional analysis and ingredient list.In this case, Authority Grain Free Adult Cat Food - Chicken & Potato's most plentiful ingredient listed is chicken, which is considered a quality protein source.Authority Sensitive Solutions Adult Dry Cat Food uses a mix of ingredients that offer a tasty alternative if your cat suffers from dietary issues
The food also has the ingredient . This ingredient is sometimes used in dental formula dog food to . It’s also used to thicken and add texture to food and it keeps the minerals from breaking down. We hardly ever ever see it in pet foods. In fact, the only company we know of that is Iams-Eukanuba in some of their foods. This suggests to us that Eukanuba may be the company that makes dry cat food for Authority/PetSmart. The use of Fructooligosaccharides is also fairly uncommon and you can see that Eukanuba also uses them. It’s debatable whether Sodium Hexametaphosphate really belongs in pet food. Some people have expressed concerns about its long-term safety. There are other ingredients that can be used to help keep a pet’s teeth white.Our cats were on Authority Sensitive Solutions for a long time but we noticed them losing weight and becoming sickly. So, we switched to the grain-free Authority. After many trial and error approaches, it is my firm belief that our cats weight loss was a result of the Authority food. I don’t know if the food repulsed them or if it is missing a key ingredient. We lost 3 cats in 3 months rapidly due to severe weight loss. After many vet bills, it is my belief that they all 3 died as a result of complications from malnourishment on the Authority cat food. 🙁One person seemed to be upset because s/he noticed that Authority contained copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is not harmful to your pet as long as it is included in pet food in the proper amount. You’ll notice that pet foods have lots of minerals in them, in different forms. You already know that your cat needs certain vitamins, plus taurine and other essentials. Copper sulfate is no different. It’s just part of the nutrients that your cat needs to stay healthy. Occasionally a pet food company can make an error and there is too much or not enough of some vitamin or mineral in a food, in which case a recall is issued because of the excess or deficiency. But with few exceptions, most of the vitamins and minerals in your cat’s food are very standard and they are not harmful. If you have concerns about copper sulfate, by Dr. Greg Aldrich, PhD is recommended. about pet food ingredients, if you are interested in the topic.Customer reviews of Authority brand dry cat food are fairly mixed. While many consumers report that they are able to feed their cats Authority cat food without any problems, some consumers report that their cats experience digestive problems when being fed Authority brand cat food. This could quite possibly be because of the corn-based ingredients that are included in all of Authority's dry cat food formulas.