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What’s so valuable about Authority Pate Chicken Recipe Canned Cat Food? Find out here:
Satisfy those fishy cravings with Authority Grain Free Salmon Adult Dry Cat Food! Every bite is filled with the savory taste of real salmon and none of those grains that can cause so many problems! Meows and purrs will be rampant when this kibble hits the food bowl!
If you buy a bag of Authority cat food, you get two free 6oz cans of Authority canned food.
Lisa, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with your pet losing its fur. However, I really don’t see how the problem can be attributed solely to the Authority food since you stated that your cat began to lose hair prior to switching his/her food. I think it’s possible that this would have happened to your pet anyway due to some other condition, or perhaps a preexisting condition was aggravated by switching foods, and that’s why you see these other symptoms. Regardless of the reason, I hope your baby feels better soon. What's so valuable about Authority Pate Chicken Recipe Canned Cat FoodDoes anyone have any experiance with Authority cat food either canned or dry (or both)Authority Pate Chicken Recipe Canned Cat Food | Pet 360
Authority® Canned Cat Food. I decided to try Authority canned food because it is one of the less expensive cat foods that has no "meat by-products" and is low in carbs. All of my cats love it! Their favorite flavor is tuna. This formula is easy on their stomachs and aids digestion. My CRF cat, who has problems keeping weight on, gained a pound over the past month. I'm so glad that I can buy this food at our local Petsmart, and that it's always available for less than $1/can.One person seemed to be upset because s/he noticed that Authority contained copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is not harmful to your pet as long as it is included in pet food in the proper amount. You’ll notice that pet foods have lots of minerals in them, in different forms. You already know that your cat needs certain vitamins, plus taurine and other essentials. Copper sulfate is no different. It’s just part of the nutrients that your cat needs to stay healthy. Occasionally a pet food company can make an error and there is too much or not enough of some vitamin or mineral in a food, in which case a recall is issued because of the excess or deficiency. But with few exceptions, most of the vitamins and minerals in your cat’s food are very standard and they are not harmful. If you have concerns about copper sulfate, by Dr. Greg Aldrich, PhD is recommended. about pet food ingredients, if you are interested in the topic.The food also has the ingredient . This ingredient is sometimes used in dental formula dog food to . It’s also used to thicken and add texture to food and it keeps the minerals from breaking down. We hardly ever ever see it in pet foods. In fact, the only company we know of that is Iams-Eukanuba in some of their foods. This suggests to us that Eukanuba may be the company that makes dry cat food for Authority/PetSmart. The use of Fructooligosaccharides is also fairly uncommon and you can see that Eukanuba also uses them. It’s debatable whether Sodium Hexametaphosphate really belongs in pet food. Some people have expressed concerns about its long-term safety. There are other ingredients that can be used to help keep a pet’s teeth white.Yes, Authority canned cat food is one of the foods I feed my cats regularly. They don’t eat the flaked very well, though, just the pate style. I think it is a great value. I’ve not fed the dry kibble. i USE aUTHORITY EXCLUSIVELY FOR MY TWO CATS.
I have had cats most of the eighty years I have been raising cats.
I look for defin ite signs of health and energy in each one of my furry friends.
One of my cats was losing weight, hair thinning, eyes were not bright and alert.
I went to a woman who takes in feral cats and raises babies till they can be adopted into a forever home and she highly recommended Authority canned food till they are ready for the dry cat food.
I can not tell you what a difference this has made with both cats
one a senior and one who just turned one year old.
Their coats are thick, shiny, they are full of energy.
There is no regurgitation with this food.
I highly say if you want to treat your cats with loving, healthy care, Authority is the only one I would tell people to buy for their cats.Hairballs can weight a lot which is why Authority Hairball Control and Weight Management Adult Dry Cat Food works hard and fast to make sure those hairballs don’t stick around. This dry formula for cats is a stellar multi-tasker, helping to reduce those wretched balls of fur as well as keeping your kitty at a healthy body weight.