Artemis, Luna, and Diana (cat forms)

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Cats are undoubtedly creatures of the goddess. Like Artemis and earlier the Amazons, they are wild, free and virtually untamed. Excellent hunters (much more skillful and effective than dogs), cats are believed to be only semi-domesticated by . They love to roam the ruins of Ephesus, as these appear to be such a perfect interface between nature and culture. What archeologists expose, nature reclaims quickly. Thick vegetation covers the ancient walls unless painstaking maintenance effort is made continuously. Unfortunately, virtually nothing is left of the legendary temple of Artemis, with its countless marble columns, the cedar ceiling, cypress doors and the magnificent statue of the goddess with many breasts, eggs or bull testicles, depending on the source.
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The Greeks believed that the goddess Artemis sometimes appeared in cat form herself. This is why she was identified with the Egyptian Bastet, the cat goddess who ruled pleasure, eroticism and joy, and who was seen as mild and benevolent on the one hand, but ferocious and vengeful on the other. Like Artemis, she was believed to protect women during pregnancy. She was viewed as a protective deity able to counter the dark forces, which, according to ancient Egyptian beliefs, were especially active at the end of the year. For that reason cat amulets were popular New Year gifts in ancient Egypt. sailor moon artemis real cat | luna and artemis as humansSailor Moon Cat Luna T Shirt Artemis White Summer Top Shirt Harajuku Japan Anime | eBaysailor moon artemis real cat | luna and artemis as humans
The oftentimes cute and adorable cats of Sailormoon: Luna, Artemis, and Diana. Luna and Artemis were sent from the moon in the past to present-day Earth in capsules where they slept until their arrivals.Artemis is the male white cat. He first finds Aino Minako, and he gives her the power to become Sailor V. Later, they meet up with the other Sailor Senshi in Tokyo, and V becomes Venus. Artemis first appears in episode 33 with Sailorvenus.Luna is the first cat we see appearing in episode one. She is black with red eyes (though her human form has blue eyes), and she has a yellow crescent moon on her forehead. Luna first meets Usagi in episode one when Usagi saves her from being tortured by little kids. Later on, Luna appears in Usagi's room and speaks to Usagi. She gives Usagi a brooch and the ability to transform into the pretty soldier, Sailormoon. Luna tells Usagi that her mission is to find their Princess and to defeat the Dark Kingdom. Luna helps Usagi find three other Sailor Senshi, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. Luna also gives the Sailor Senshi special items in the first season, like their transformation sticks, Ami's super minicomputer, and several items for Sailormoon. She later meets up with Artemis who brings along Sailorvenus.Artemis Fresh Mix All Life Stage Feline Formula is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.Diana first appears in SuperS by cuddling up to her father, Artemis, on the street, calling him her dad. Luna and the Sailor Senshi assume that Artemis has had an affair with another cat, and as a result, Luna smacks the poor cat rather harshly. It is not until Chibi-usa finds her that Diana reveals to all that she is the daughter of Artemis and Luna.Luna appeared in the first two , and . Although they remained cats in the story, she and Artemis were played by adult actors in cat-like costumes. They were never referenced again in any other musical continuity. Luna was played by .